Light vs. Dark

Using the Adventure Log

The adventure log contains an outline of brief adventure descriptions of the campaign in reverse order. Each entry links to the full account of the adventure in the campaign wiki under Campaign History. If players would like to post any accounting of adventures, they have two options. First, if any adventure or other personal character creation is done from the perspective of their character, then entries should be created under Character Viewpoints. Alternately, if simply taking notes or relating events, entries can be made under Player Musings. For any such posts that relate to any given adventure, please include a link to the relevant adventure session(s).

Adventure 30 - Nar Shaddaa Nights

The party goes to Nar Shaddaa to meet with Jorda. At one of Jorda’s banquets, the mighty Hutt briefs the party regarding assassination attempts on his family and the Tempest Spice, believing the two items to be somehow linked together. After the briefing, Jorda himself explodes, assassinated, and the dinner guests believe the party is to blame.

To be continued…

Interlude - Shadows of Tython

A day after their meeting on Empress Teta the party aboard the Grey Ghost with Kaisan covering in his fighter, the Aegis Hammer, emerges from hyperspace over Tython. They quickly take out a few patrolling Cloakshape fighters and drop into the atmosphere on course for the ancient Jedi Temple there, long thought to be abandoned. They overcome gunnery emplacement towers and land in the main hangar. As they debark from their ships, along with Master Veren, the door from the hangar bay into the rest of the Temple opens and into the cavernous room steps Joh-Kel carrying an unconscious human woman, Tyson, and…Master Veren?

The true Veren is easily discerned by Joh-Kel in short order and the impostor drops his illusion, showing himself to be a Rattataki Jedi. A massive battle ensues between the party and waves of Shadow Jedi initiates. In a desperate bid to destroy the party for good, the Rattataki attempts to lead them deeper into the complex and catch them in a blast from a reactor build up, but the party sees through the attempt and escapes along with the true Master Veren and the woman Joh-Kel rescued from captivity in tow. They return to Coruscant and sort out the mess of the Shadow Jedi with the Council and then receive a summons from an old Hutt friend…

Joh-Kel's Side Adventure

Shortly after being awakened in the Jedi Temple, Joh-Kel, Tyson, and Snapit are attacked by Shadow Jedi and overcome. Joh-Kel finds himself prisoner yet again, this time in a rather archaic, yet still effective Force cage. There is also a human woman prisoner in some kind of stasis chamber that Joh-Kel had never seen before. After weeks of torment by his captors, his old Master, Veren, arrives one day to break him free. Once out of the cage and with the full strength of the Force returned to him, he easily senses his lightsaber nearby and retrieves it as his Master frees the woman from the stasis chamber. The woman seems to be in a coma, so Joh-Kel caries her as they make their way back towards Veren’s ship. The complex’s alarms go off and soon it is rocked by damaging fire. They find Veren’s ship destroyed, so trusting in the Force they seek a route to a hangar bay that may contain another ship they can use. Eventually, they pass into a room full of Seyugi Dervishes and immediately launch into battle. Master Veren uses at least one dark side power in the battle, but there isn’t time to dwell on it as another door opens and they turn expecting to see a new foe. Instead, bedecked in his golden armor and trusty rifle in hand, Tyson is there to add much needed firepower to the fray. The dervishes are soon eliminated and the trio, the unconscious woman still in tow, continue a search for the hangar bay.

Tyson's Side Adventure

Tyson is with Joh-Kel when they are attacked by Shadow Jedi in the heart of the Jedi Temple. He awakens in a stupor and has no idea how long it has been. He is in strange complex that is in some state of disrepair and an needle in his arm connected to a tube leads back to an empty drip bottle. Apparently he’d been drugged into his current state and held for who knows how long. As alarms sound throughout the complex, he gets moving and finds a security terminal in a nearby room. He is easily able to hack it and a security room opens where he finds his old gear and some other goodies. In another few minutes, he feels fully recovered and aware so he moves out to try to find his way out of this latest mess. He wasn’t sure where he was, but he was sure it had something to do with those crazy Jedi again. Arriving at another security door that is locked, he pops the access panel off with quick tool, pockets it, and then quickly makes a crossover of a few wires with his fingers. He hears a battle on the other side of the door so he readies his rifle just before triggering his jury rig to slide the door open…

A Meeting on Empress Teta

Kirana, Kaisan, Sesta, Oon, and Veren meet in a cantina on Empress Teta where Veren reveals that he believes the Shadow Jedi have taken Joh-Kel captive. The Shadow Jedi were thought to be shut down by the Jedi Council over a millenia ago, but apparently their tradition survived. The duty of the Shadow Jedi had been to maintain the balance of the Force, sometimes through any means necessary. If they’ve taken Joh-Kel, they believe he is the source of an imbalance or a potential imbalance. He tells the party that thanks to his Jedi Archives search, with Kirana’s aid, he was able to discern the most likely site and coordinates of the Shadow Jedi base of operations – Tython. He warns them all that this mission to Tython could be extremely dangerous. The Shadow Jedi had a reputation for great power and skill combined with a ruthless devotion to the light side of the Force that made them nearly as dangerous as the Sith and thus the reason for their operations to be shut down so long ago. There is no hesitation and the party jumps at the chance.

Kirana's Side Adventure

Kirana was a medicorps worker on Coruscant going about her daily routine aiding the Jedi Healers until a visit one day by Master Veren. He said that a patient named Joh-Kel Styken had been here a few months before, transferred from the battle lines at Cathar and he was looking for information. Kirana had no recollection of this Jedi. With her permission, Veren used a Force technique to sense Kirana’s mind where he said he could see signs of memory suppression imposed by a different Force technique. Using other techniques, he started to undue the damage and she began to remember. She attended the Healers as they worked on Joh-Kel, and within three days of his arrival he was awake. Master Snapit and Tyson spoke with him for awhile and they left the medical ward to go have a discussion in Snapit’s quarters. Tyson had left his hat in the room so Kirana grabbed it and rushed after them to return it to him. She caught up to the group in the grand corridor where suddenly they were all set upon by strange Jedi appearing out of thin air and attacking them. What was even stranger was that none of the other Jedi walking nearby seemed to know a battle was even happening. That’s the last she remembered. Veren takes in all this information and asks Kirana to help him with a search in the Jedi vaults. Her only job is to distract the holocron custodians while he sneaks in, does a search, and wipes evidence of his search. She agrees and they easily pull off their plan. Veren tells Kirana that he uncovered a location in his search where his apprentice, Joh-Kel may have been taken and invites her to accompany him on a mission to get his student that also offers the chance to take down the mysterious Jedi attackers, a group that he calls the Shadow Jedi. She agrees to go along and they leave Coruscant in Master Veren’s transport, bound for Empress Teta. Kirana does not witness Veren’s calls to the other party members.

Oon's Side Adventure

Oon checks in with Joh-Kel’s condition via holocall to the Jedi Temple from time to time, but has not done so for a few months. She is told by a Jedi there who she’d never dealt with before that he is still in a coma and that Tyson left months ago, whereabouts unknown. One night, in the royal palace in her suites, she is attacked by Jedi that appear out of thin air. She defeats them and oversees the security investigation that follows. Later, Master Veren calls her directly and tells her the Jedi at the temple have been lying to her and to him. He’s been looking for Joh-Kel for months now and thinks he has found him. He would like her to come to Empress Teta to join him and rejoin her old team to follow up on a prime lead that he has uncovered. Within the hour, Oon is aboard the Grey Ghost and heading to Empress Teta.

Sesta's Side Adventure

After a day of overseeing reconstruction on Cathar, Sesta returns home to the family estate. While alone, he is attacked by Jedi that appear out of thin air in his study. After fighting his way out of the ambush and downing the attackers with the help of his house guards, he is rushed to emergency surgery. While at the hospital, he takes a holocall from a Jedi Master named Veren. Veren asks him to come to Empress Teta as soon as possible. The Jedi named Joh-Kel has gone missing and he is assembling a team of familiar faces, people that Joh-Kel could trust, to go after him. Less than a day later, Sesta books passage to Empress Teta.

Kaisan's Side Adventure

Kaisan undertook Jedi training while on Corellia from Master Sovliss. By the time his starfighter was built, his Master sent him on a quest to build his lightsaber. Following his Force intuition, Kaisan flew to a remote star system and explored a network of old caves to find his crystal. He assembled his saber in the cockpit of his fighter and then rested. The next day, while preparing to leave the system, he was attacked out of nowhere by two Cloakshape fighters that had not been on sensors and which he had not sensed through the Force. He defeated the fighters, though sustained damage to his ship and set course to return to Corellia for repairs. While conducting repairs, he received a holo-recording from a Jedi Master named Veren. In the recording, Veren asked Kaisan to meet him on Empress Teta. The Jedi Joh-Kel had gone missing again, right from the heart of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and Veren believed he had a lead. Veren was assembling a team to go after Joh-Kel and he wanted Kaisan along. With more repairs left to finish, Kaisan set course for Empress Teta and a fateful meeting.


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