Light vs. Dark

A Meeting on Empress Teta

Kirana, Kaisan, Sesta, Oon, and Veren meet in a cantina on Empress Teta where Veren reveals that he believes the Shadow Jedi have taken Joh-Kel captive. The Shadow Jedi were thought to be shut down by the Jedi Council over a millenia ago, but apparently their tradition survived. The duty of the Shadow Jedi had been to maintain the balance of the Force, sometimes through any means necessary. If they’ve taken Joh-Kel, they believe he is the source of an imbalance or a potential imbalance. He tells the party that thanks to his Jedi Archives search, with Kirana’s aid, he was able to discern the most likely site and coordinates of the Shadow Jedi base of operations – Tython. He warns them all that this mission to Tython could be extremely dangerous. The Shadow Jedi had a reputation for great power and skill combined with a ruthless devotion to the light side of the Force that made them nearly as dangerous as the Sith and thus the reason for their operations to be shut down so long ago. There is no hesitation and the party jumps at the chance.



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