Light vs. Dark

Adventure 12 - Aerie in Flames

Once back at the mercenary base, Kilbourne has returned from a mission on the far side of the galaxy but now Vox has disappeared with a small contingent of ships that he brought into the Rangers long ago. The party is confined to quarters as the merc leaders try to sort everything out. That first night back, Vox returns with the space pirates in tow and launches an attack on the base, trying to disable assets for capture. Ground forces in the attack are led by a female dark side assailant who wields two lightsabers. Kell reveals to the party that his abilities with the lightsaber are from Jedi training as he frees them from confinement. Together, they try to rescue Kilbourne from the command center where they have a showdown with the enemy leaders. Grinder sacrifices himself so the party can escape. Massively outnumbered, the party, Kell, and Erisi flee in the Stormhawk.



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