Light vs. Dark

Adventure 30 - Nar Shaddaa Nights

The party goes to Nar Shaddaa to meet with Jorda. At one of Jorda’s banquets, the mighty Hutt briefs the party regarding assassination attempts on his family and the Tempest Spice, believing the two items to be somehow linked together and implores the party to find the local spice brokers or the spice lord himself. While meeting with the party, Jorda explodes, assassinated, and the dinner guests believe the party is to blame!

In a caper, sure to amuse, the party escaped the scene in the banquet hall with minimal harm to the other party guests, and slunk their way out of Jorda’s palatial compound into the depths of Nar Shaddaa. As they began their own inquest into what had happened, they eventually contacted an information broker by the name of Meldark, based out of the Dark Melody cantina, to try to find leads on the spice brokers or their master. Meanwhile, Parella the Hutt had personally tracked the party down and announced his desire for battle, resplendent in full Hutt Battle Armor. In a slow motion action epic, Parella unloaded on the building front and the party dove, rolled, and ran for the back exit, making another fast escape while destroying Parella’s small hovering tracking droids. With his droids lost during the running battle in the streets, Parella retreated and the party continued investigating leads provided by Jorda before his untimely demise which led them to the Headache Bar deep in the bowels of the city.

At the Headache Bar, they find Mika who claims he was privy to his father’s plans for the party and was to be assigned to discreetly aid the party where he could. After Jorda’s death, Mika believes he is the next target, so he has gone into hiding in the sub-levels and hoped to catch up to the party, which he now has. He accuses Zonnos of patricide, and expresses doubt of the other Hutts in Jorda’s organization, such as Jorda’s confidant – Vago. Mika relates that although the party’s ship is impounded, he may have another way off planet and hopes to establish his own base of operations from a clan outpost where he can have a power base to counter Zonnos.

Mika leads the party even deeper into the smuggler’s moon lightless reaches to meet with an ally he had enlisted some time ago to track down those behind the spice trade. At the Murr Cantina, he re-introduces everyone to Angela Krin, whose sleuthing was the source of many of Jorda’s leads. She is also looking for a way offworld now as Zonnos continues to cast a wide net of blame on any Republic or CSA associates of Jorda. She called in some favors to secure a skiff they can use to get around faster.

Angela takes the party to the warehouse where she has stashed the skiff, but there they find an Evocii child hiding from a pack of Vrblthers. The starving and bloodthirsty creatures swarm the party and the beasts prove no match for our heroes. After the excitement passes, the young Evocii girl begs to be taken home. The party agrees and she leads them to an Evocii encampment beneath the city.

Though they bristle at Mika’s presence, the Evocii befriend the party and thank them for returning the young child. They offer healing, and the old mystic relays visions of the future to party members who ask about it. The Evocii relate their history and note they’ve almost been driven to extinction by the Hutts over the centuries. They now ask that the party find a way to free the Evocii from Nar Shaddaa and take them to a world far from the Hutts where they can start anew. The party agrees to try to do this, but relates that it may be some time until they can extricate themselves from their immediate dilemma and return to make good on the agreement.

Rested and recovered, the party returns to the warehouse where they left the skiff. On the way, they are contacted by on of Vago’s H-3P0 droids via commlink who says Vago has arranged for a transport offworld for everyone. The droid also says Vago is on the way there now and the transport leaves in one hour from dock Q2214 GRB.

The party suspects a trap, and it turns out to be exactly that. The H-3P0 unit has been pressed into service by Zonnos, who has arrested Vago as a conspirator in Jorda’s death. As the party battles against overwhelming odds, Angela and Mika are captured by use of electronets. As the odds continue to stack up against the group, an Evocii that followed the party shows them an escape hatch and they are able to flee the scene, minus Angela and Mika.

About a half hour later, Zonnos sends out a new holo broadcast over the planet showing Angela Krin and Vago the Hutt as prisoners, announcing they been tried and found guilty of complicit aid in the murder of Jorda. They will be executed within the next hour. Having had their fill of running, the party heals up and then decks out the cargo skiff with some extra durasteel plating and mounted blaster rifles. As the top of the hour draws near, our heroes rise up out of the squalor of the city astride their make shift hover chariot and abandon any pretense at concealing their identities. Lightsabers sparked and blasters blazing, they throttle past the turbolaser emplacements during the live broadcast of the impending executions and crash directly into the top of Jorda’s tower to confront Zonnos. The fierce battle ends in moments with Zonnos surrounded and his many Wookie and Nikto guards piled dead around him. Angela is rescued, but Vago disappeared in the commotion. Minutes later, they find Mika a captive in his own quarters, and free him from imprisonment.

Mika has now inherited the clan. In the days that follow Zonnos is imprisoned indefinitely, his mind totally shattered from excessive use of Tempest, with little hope of ever again finding sanity. Vago and the Twi’lek bodyguards of Jorda have gone missing. Mika rewards the heroes and Angela and asks they remain available to work for him, as they did for his father, to continue tracking down the source of this spice ring.



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