Light vs. Dark

Adventure 34 - Escape from Coruscant

As fugitives of the Republic, the party must escape Coruscant in order to begin a daring mission that could reverse the course of the war…

Out of The Works…

  • The party along with Nikos and Angela takes off in their ships from the bombed out ruins of the ancient Jedi Temple that is still hidden beneath the current one. They are pursued by probe droids from the Republic.
  • The party navigates through the industrial sub-levels of the Coruscant capital district, known as The Works. They pick up pursuing speeders and fighters and use evasive maneuvers to not get shot down.
  • Leading the Republic ships on a merry chase through several districts, the party eventually finds a garbage mag launcher and enacts a crazy plan to accelerate to high speed while maneuvering around the launched trash in order to exploit a brief opening in the planetary shield.
  • The party escapes the atmosphere without doing any harm to the pursuing speeders or fighters.
  • Strangely the Republic capital ship that moves to intercept suddenly drifts behind, its engines dead. Either there was a malfunction or an ally onboard disabled its engines.
  • The party hyperspaces out.

In deep space…

  • As the party gathers the next day to plan its next move, the ships are pulled out of hyperspace by an uncharted hazard – a debris field from a battle between Republic and Sith fleets.
  • Investigating the field, they detect one Sith frigate with a weak power source and as they draw closer, life signs.
  • Seizing on the opportunity, they elect to board the ship to try to recover a computer core that may hold useful data for their mission to go into Sith space and rescue Hoth.
  • While aboard, they find 4 Republic troopers trapped behind multiple corridor bulkheads, the only survivors on the ship from what they can tell.
  • The troopers join up with the party and go to the computer cores.
  • While performing a data transfer from what systems and files they can salvage, a Sith scouting sortie sweeps through the debris field and finds the frigate and the party’s ships.
  • The party rushes back to their ships, with the troopers in tow, and blasts their way clear of the situation.

Back aboard the Ghost…

  • The party explains their full situation to the rescued Republic troopers.
  • The troopers decide to put their careers at risk and join with the party on this mission given by Master Pernicar to rescue Hoth.
  • The party reviews the data recovered, but finds it too damaged to be of much use.
  • Realizing they need updated nav data for safely traversing Sith space, as well as clearance codes and secret identities, they hatch a plan to go to a shadowport and seek these things out on the black market.
  • Oon, from her vast experience and knowledge, recalls an extremely secretive shadowport known as Point Nadir in the Outer Rim. She lays in a course, and the party jumps to hyperspace, continuing its mission.



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