Light vs. Dark

Adventure 35 - At The Nadir

The heroes must reach out to unlikely sources to repair their ships and find a way into Sith space…

At the start…

  • The party travels to Point Nadir aboard the Grey Ghost and discusses their plans of action during the journey.
  • Nikos and Angela announce they will be parting ways with the party. Angela arranges a rendezvous with the CSA in deep space, while Nikos will wait until they reach Point Nadir and procure a ship of his own.
  • At the deep space rendezvous with the CSA, Angela prepares to depart and takes messages from Kaisan and Sesta to deliver to their respective families. The party also establishes a code phrase with her to authenticate each others identities in future communications – “Golden Sands”. Angela also gives Kaisan a comm code cylinder and tells him, "If you need help, plug this into a holotransceiver and call me. I may not be able to extricate myself from the red tape for up to a week.
  • The Aegis Hammer is transferred to the hangar on Angela’s ship for safe keeping. The party decided not to take it with them into Sith Space.
  • Nikos takes downloaded copies of the flight recorders of the Grey Ghost and Aegis Hammer with him to show proof of the non-lethal combat engagement during the escape from Coruscant.
  • At Point Nadir, Nikos departs and finds his own ship which he will be using to scout the galaxy for possible hideouts for when the party returns.
  • The party catches up on the news while en route and early upon their arrival.

In the news…

  • Iridonia has again withdrawn from the Republic, this time over the treatment of Oon by the Republic, and reports from their indicate Sith forces are amassing nearby again preparing to attack.
  • Kaisan’s family releases a statement proclaiming his innocence and devotion to the Republic and Corellia, and asks him to return home to clear up these matters.
  • Sesta’s family releases a similar statement of innocence, but encourages Sesta to follow the code of honor wherever it leads.
  • Bounties have been posted for the party by the Republic, adding to those posted by the Hutts. Somehow, Angela is not included in the Republic bounties, possibly an olive branch in the hopes of continued friendship with the Corporate Sector Authority.

At Point Nadir…

  • The party arranges docking fees and its own security, outwitting the local toughs of their usual racket.
  • As the party wanders the streets of Point Nadir, associates of the local toughs ambush the party in the local market. The ambushing group is defeated and found to be wearing patches marking their affiliation with the Sable Dawn.
  • The party employs a droid mechanic at a chop shop to modify the transponder and engines of the Grey Ghost to alter its identifying signatures. The work is set to take 2 days.
  • The Grey Ghost’s new name with the disguised transponder and documents is the Onyx Fire.
  • The party buys geologic compressors and assorted minerals with wish to fashion a handful of red crystals to employ in their lightsabers as part of their disguises for entering Sith Space.
  • The party works with Epsis and Liash Keane to obtain forged or stolen codes as well as updated star charts for travel to Dromuund Kaas.
  • Epsis asks for the party to recover the Fallen Star relic as payment for the codes.
  • The party goes on the hunt for the Fallen Star, eventually finding it and returning it to Liash Keane, who in turn gives it to her mysterious buyer.
  • The party receives their star charts and forged documents from Liash Keane.
  • Joh-Kel is disguised as Antares Hailen, a trader
  • Kaisan is disguised as Devlin Mars, a pilot
  • Oon is disguised as Kraan Moor, an explorer
  • Kirana is disguised as Naadya Roota, a medic
  • Sesta is disguised as Byinicks Yoke, a bounty hunter
  • Aleya is disguised as Morgan Voss, a trader
  • Tyson is disguised as T-bone, a pilot
  • The republic troopers as disguised as mercenaries, using their own names still
  • Tiana is disguised as … ???

As the party is leaving Point Nadir…

  • The entire comet of Point Nadir comes under attack by what appear to be Sith forces.
  • A Sith landing party of unmarked Sith Trooper squads led by purple lightsaber wielding Sith Lords confronted the party near Liash Keane’s base.
  • The leader of the group spoke via holo-call with Senator Vesh Lo-Chang at the edge of the battle, saying they had “tracked it” here.
  • One of the Sith Lords confronted Oon and Kirana during the battle and offered a trade – give up, The Heart," and the party would be spared. The deal was sweetened in that Oon’s worlds would be spared if she would give up her relic. Oon refused.
  • The leader of the Sith used the Force to disarm Kaisan of his lightsaber during the fighting.
  • The party defeated the landing party, except for the Sith Lord leader who made it back to his shuttle and escaped. The Sith Lord leader still had Kaisan’s lightsaber when he departed – a prize far less than what he hoped to acquire from the fight.
  • The party then made their way to 93D’s hangar and the Grey Ghost/Onyx Fire. They blasted their way through the battle and out of the comet, before escaping to the safety of hyperspace.

Point Nadir in the wake…

  • Sable Dawn is left in charge of Point Nadir following the attack by the unknown Sith which devastated the holdings of Zietta the Hutt and Liash Keane.



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