Light vs. Dark

Interlude - Shadows of Tython

A day after their meeting on Empress Teta the party aboard the Grey Ghost with Kaisan covering in his fighter, the Aegis Hammer, emerges from hyperspace over Tython. They quickly take out a few patrolling Cloakshape fighters and drop into the atmosphere on course for the ancient Jedi Temple there, long thought to be abandoned. They overcome gunnery emplacement towers and land in the main hangar. As they debark from their ships, along with Master Veren, the door from the hangar bay into the rest of the Temple opens and into the cavernous room steps Joh-Kel carrying an unconscious human woman, Tyson, and…Master Veren?

The true Veren is easily discerned by Joh-Kel in short order and the impostor drops his illusion, showing himself to be a Rattataki Jedi. A massive battle ensues between the party and waves of Shadow Jedi initiates. In a desperate bid to destroy the party for good, the Rattataki attempts to lead them deeper into the complex and catch them in a blast from a reactor build up, but the party sees through the attempt and escapes along with the true Master Veren and the woman Joh-Kel rescued from captivity in tow. They return to Coruscant and sort out the mess of the Shadow Jedi with the Council and then receive a summons from an old Hutt friend…



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