Light vs. Dark

Joh-Kel's Side Adventure

Shortly after being awakened in the Jedi Temple, Joh-Kel, Tyson, and Snapit are attacked by Shadow Jedi and overcome. Joh-Kel finds himself prisoner yet again, this time in a rather archaic, yet still effective Force cage. There is also a human woman prisoner in some kind of stasis chamber that Joh-Kel had never seen before. After weeks of torment by his captors, his old Master, Veren, arrives one day to break him free. Once out of the cage and with the full strength of the Force returned to him, he easily senses his lightsaber nearby and retrieves it as his Master frees the woman from the stasis chamber. The woman seems to be in a coma, so Joh-Kel caries her as they make their way back towards Veren’s ship. The complex’s alarms go off and soon it is rocked by damaging fire. They find Veren’s ship destroyed, so trusting in the Force they seek a route to a hangar bay that may contain another ship they can use. Eventually, they pass into a room full of Seyugi Dervishes and immediately launch into battle. Master Veren uses at least one dark side power in the battle, but there isn’t time to dwell on it as another door opens and they turn expecting to see a new foe. Instead, bedecked in his golden armor and trusty rifle in hand, Tyson is there to add much needed firepower to the fray. The dervishes are soon eliminated and the trio, the unconscious woman still in tow, continue a search for the hangar bay.



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