Light vs. Dark

Adventure 32 - Showdown at Ord Pardron

As our heroes return to Republic space to report in, the Sith unleash their next move in the war.

On Station at Ord Pardron…

  • The party, with Angela Krin, regroups and leaves Hutt Space, heading for the nearest Republic outpost to put in for fuel, ordnance, and repairs: Ord Pardron
  • Arriving at Ord Pardron, the party disembarks and briefly checks in. Using their authorizations, they are able to requisition a docking bay and the aforementioned services and supplies.
  • The party receives new orders from Republic Intelligence to pick up a block of carbonite that is in secure storage adjacent to the Republic brig.
  • The party does so and is escorted by 4 troopers who will guard the carbonite during transfer to the Grey Ghost.
  • While returning to the ghost and nearing the docking bays, the party happens to be in a corridor with a lovely view of the star system out the view ports when a Sith fleet pops out of hyperspace and attacks.
  • The corridor is blasted open by strafing starfighters and it decompresses. The party manages to avoid being pulled out, though some of the Republic troopers are not so lucky.
  • The party manages to save one trooper and the block of carbonite while also fighting off a few small groups of boarding Sith troopers.
  • Upon returning to the hangar bay, the party fights off additional boarding parties consisting of Sith troopers and acolytes, while also clearing debris off the Grey Ghost with cranes and tractor beams so they can take off.

In space…

  • It becomes immediately apparent that the Republic fleet is vastly outnumbered by the Sith and the only hope is to group up and fight a retreat, however the Sith are also employing Interdictor ships to trap all of the Republic vessels.
  • Kaisan in the Aegis Hammer and the rest of the party in the Grey Ghost waste no time engaging the swarms of Sith fighters and bombers, trying to protect as many of the weaker Republic ships and civilian vessels as possible.
  • Oon’s old navy contact is in command of the Republic Fleet and with the party’s help is able to organize a defensive formation to minimize losses for as long as possible.
  • The admiral is ready to ram the Interdictor with his command ship to clear the way, but first the party launches an attack on the Interdictor using all ordnance they can. The Interdictor falls and the surviving Republic and civilian ships escape into hyperspace.

Upon returning to Coruscant…

  • The party reports in at Republic Intelligence (the SIS) on their mission to shut down the Tempest Spice trade, as well as an after-action report from Ord Pardron.
  • After this, the party is taken to the medical wing where the block of carbonite is being thawed.
  • Emerging from the carbonite is a blind Nikos. After an exchange of authenticating code phrases he is asked to report. He weakly answers, “Dromuund Kaas. Hoth is on Dromuund Kaas.”



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