Darth Ruin

Umbarran Sith Lord


The long time leader of the Dark Council, Ruin ruled as Emperor of the Legion of Lettow from a palace deep in Legion space where the manipulations of his growing Empire were patient and subtle. This was far different from his rage filled days of youth when he carved a bloody swath of war to his throne. Ruin is very aged and wizened; no one is quite sure of his age at all. He apparently prolonged his life for nearly a millennium through practice of the Dark Arts, but few alive even suspect this. In recent times, the Emperor had remained withdrawn and isolated for unknown reasons. This mysterious complacency is what gave the Dark Council the time and bravery to act. It is the council that is driving the Sith to war once again, but all believed Ruin supported this for he did not come forth to stop it.

Ruin was later killed on Cathar due to the deceptions of Lord Kaan and the attempted heroics of Oon Kath and company. Upon his death, the nature of the dark side site and the ritual already enacted by Kaan caused Ruin’s skeletal remains to rise up in unlife and stand at the center of a skeletal horde unleashing grim powers upon our heroes in the subsequent battle. This foul creature was also put down by Oon’s team, thus removing the last vestiges of Ruin’s spirit from any mortal connection.

Darth Ruin

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