Edrisi Valen

Human mercenary


Edrisi Valen is a human mercenary contracted with the Tonowi Rangers. She has served with the rangers for the last seven years. Prior to that her history is veiled in secrecy. She exhibits skills that hint at the training of an elite soldier and pilot, but for most people little is known of her time before the Rangers. No stranger to life on the fringes of society, Edrisi is quite capable of navigating the seedy alleys of the galactic underworld. An able starship mechanic, Edrisi bought and refurbished a used space transport that she dubbed the Stormhawk. She uses the vessel on missions for the Rangers, but few others are ever allowed at the controls.

In her personal life, she is deeply in love with Kell Ryder, a fellow mercenary. She and Kell joined the Rangers at the same time and have served together ever since. Their past together before signing on is equally shrouded in mystery.

Since the player characters joined the Rangers, Edrisi has accompanied them and Kell on several missions. It was the last of these missions, after the Rangers had been thrown into disarray by traitors and the Legionnaires, that some details of her mysterious past were revealed. Edrisi was at one time a member of SIS and Kell was a Jedi Knight. After several missions together, it became clear there was a mutual attraction and as time went by that blossomed into love. When the Jedi Council learned of the relationship, Kell was forced to choose between his duty to the Jedi or his devotion to Edrisi. He chose the latter and was exiled from the Order. The pair traveled the Outer Rim, working odd jobs until they signed on with the Rangers.

On her final mission, Edrisi flew with the party and Kell to Coruscant in a race against time to save the Jedi Temple from attack. Her and Kell split off from the main group to attempt to disable a hostile device on the premises. In the battle, the device was destroyed and in the process it shattered local space-time. Kell and Idrisi are both missing, and presumed dead.

Edrisi Valen

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