Jorda the Hutt

Leader of a Hutt clan, has employed the party from time to time


Jorda was the leader of his clan and a powerful Hutt. He was one of the oldest Hutts and wielded great power in the political machinations of the Hutt Cartel. His main rival was Flarggh the Hutt. Jorda had two sons, Zonnos, and Mika. The party came into contact with Jorda while working undercover for the Republic in Hutt Space. Since that time, he has become a patron, benefactor, and friend to the player characters.

In more recent adventures, Jorda was killed by apparent assassination. Many in Hutt circles see the signs of a family affair and with Zonnos quick to secure power in the vacuum, it has been assumed in the public that he was behind the move. While such a brazen assassination has cost Zonnos much clout that he might have gained had he been more elegant, none could deny that he succeeded in besting a crafty old Hutt.

In the end, Zonnos’ reign was short lived as his spice addiction quickly became his downfall. The player characters launched an all out assault on his tower on Nar Shaddaa to prevent unjust executions. Zonnos was subdued, and Mika now runs the House.

Jorda the Hutt

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