Kirana Jandi

Kirana is a Lieutenant in the Republic Navy detached to the Explorer Corps


Human Female – Soldier 7/Force Adept 3
Str 12, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14

Heroic Traits
Destiny Secret
Destiny Points 3
Force Points 14
Force Dice 2d8, keep highest

Initiative +13
Perception +12; Normal vision, Sense Surroundings

Ref 25 (flat-footed 22)
Fort 25*; Damage Threshold 25
Will 26
Immunities None
SR None
DR None
Second Winds 1; Second Wind HP 27
Hit Points 110
*Force Talisman included

Force Defenses
Energy Resistance

Combat Basics
Speed 6 squares (9 meters)
Base Attack Bonus +9
Melee +10
Ranged +12
Grapple +12

Heavy Blaster Pistol +13 (3d8 + 5 Energy, Devastating)
Stun: Yes; Mods: None; 50 Shots

Ion pistol +13 (3d6 + 5 Energy (Ion), Devastating)
Stun: vs. Droids; Mods: None; 30 Shots

Heavy blaster rifle +12 (3d10 + 5 Energy)
Stun: Yes; Mods: None; 30 Shots

Grenade (any) +12 (effects by grenade type)

Stun Baton +10 (2d6 + 6 Energy/Bludgeoning or 1d6 + 6 Bludgeoning)
Stun: Yes; Mods: None

Unarmed +10 (1d4 + 6 Bludgeoning)

Force Slam (TK) +12 vs. Fort to all in a 6-square cone (Disciplined Strike: 2)
(hit: 4d6 Force and knock prone; miss: half damage and do not knock prone)

Force Stun +12 vs. Will to 1 target within line of sight
(hit: -1 step on Condition Track plus an additional -1 step per 5 points of Will exceeded; miss: no effect; Special: Force Power Adept)

Force Powers
Battle Strike, Energy Resistance, Farseeing, Force Slam, Force Stun, Rebuke

Devastating Attack (pistols), Disciplined Strike, Equilibrium, Force Power Adept (Force Stun), Force Talisman, Telekinetic Savant

Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium, heavy), Force Boon, Force Sensitivity, Force Training (x2), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Strong in the Force, Weapon Focus (pistols), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple)


Notable Life Events

Age: 36

Physical Description:

Kirana is an athletic person and slightly taller than most other female humans. She has curly brown hair usually pulled back into a pony tail. Her green eyes are intriguing. She is attractive but men are usually scared off because of her military demeanor, or maybe it’s the good blaster at her side.


Kirana is a Lieutenant in the Republic Navy on assignment to a security team in the Republic Explorer Corps. She has traveled to many planets during her service in the Navy. Her team is among the first to land on remote planets about to be surveyed or colonized to provide security for the base camp.

She realized her affinity with the Force while working with former Jedi acolytes, those not strong or adept enough to become padawan learners, assigned to the Explorer Corps. At her next opportunity for shore leave, she spent it on Coruscant and visited the Jedi Temple for testing. Due to her age and fledgling ability, she was not accepted for full training but did receive basic instruction in safe and responsible uses of the Force. Over many years her abilities in the Force grew and she visited the Jedi Temple regularly for evaluation by the Jedi who would ensure she had not fallen under sway of the dark side. She is still not confident in the use her powers and usually resorts to her training as a soldier rather than the Force while on duty.

Kirana Jandi

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