General Marsinian Telloch

Republic General seeking nomination for Chancellor


Marsinian is a Mirialan male and a general in the Republic Army. He is a life-long soldier and graduate of the Republic’s officer academy. His units have served with distinction in the Hapan conflict and the current war against the Legions of Lettow. Given the recent conflicts and inaction by the politicians, he is vying for a nomination to the newly re-opened office of Chancellor of the Senate (and thus of the Republic).

Marsinian is extreme in his views which are somewhat liberally minded for a Republic soldier. He believes the war can be won quickly if strong leadership can unite the Senate, and more importantly, if the Republic disassociates itself in all official ways with the Jedi. The Jedi, though they’ve served with distinction in the past, are the ongoing cause for the renewal of these wars with opposing sects of their hokey religion. He believes by moving the Jedi out of the Repubilc, it will lessen the zeal of the Sith to conduct an extended campaign in pursuit of their age-old enemies.

General Marsinian Telloch

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