Oon Kath

Explorer, Republic Agent, and Royalty all in one...


Medium Zabrak Scout 6, Scoundrel 6
Destiny 4; Force 10
Force Dice 2d6, keep highest
Init + 14 (reroll, keep 2nd); Perception + 14 (reroll, keep 2nd)
Languages Basic, Bothese, Durese, Rodese, Zabrak

Defenses Ref 29 (flat-footed 29), Fort 27, Will 28
Special Uncanny Dodge I (keep Dex bonus to Ref when flat-footed or struck by a hidden attacker); Cannot be surprised at the start of combat (Force Artifact); Add 1 to relevant defense vs Force Powers with the Dark Side descriptor when wearing Cathar Cloak
hp 108; Threshold 27
Second Winds 1; Second Wind HP 27

Speed 6 squares
Melee survival knife + 8 (1d6+6)
Ranged heavy blaster pistol + 12 (3d8+6) [imp accuracy, inaccurate, hair trigger, Ammo: 50, Stun: Yes]
Ranged blaster carbine + 11 (3d8+6) [inaccurate, cloaked, Ammo: 50, Stun: Yes]
Ranged sonic pistol + 11 (2d6+6) [cannot be deflected, Ammo 100, Stun: No]
Base Atk +8; Grp +8
Atk Options Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot (-2 attk, +1d dmg), Hair trigger (1x/encounter: reroll Rapid Shot damage with heavy pitsol and keep better result)
Special Actions
Lightning Draw – Draw and fire as a standard action.
Quick Draw – Draw a weapon as a swift action.
Running Attack – Move before and after making an attack.
Cunning Attack – Gain +2 to attacks against flat-footed enemies.
Sneak Attack – Gain 1d6 dmg on attacks vs targets within 6 sq if they are denied their Dex bonus to Reflex defense.
Feint in Combat – 2 swift actions (Combat Trickery): Roll Deception twice (Cheap Trick) vs target’s Initiative to treat them as flat-footed for the first attack in the next round (take -5 penalty on Deception vs non-humanoids).
Backstabber – 1x/turn: May treat a flanked target as flat-footed for one of your attacks.
Shake It Off – 2 swifts to recover condition track, instead of 3 swifts.

Abilities Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 12
Talents Acute Senses, Backstabber, Cheap Trick, Improved Initiative, Sneak Attack (x1), Uncanny Dodge I
Feats Armor Proficiency (light), Combat Trickery, Cunning Attack, Lightning Draw, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Rapid Shot, Running Attack, Shake it Off, Skill Focus (Deception), Skill Training (Acrobatics, Deception), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple)
Trained Skills Acrobatics +14, Deception +17, Endurance +13, Initiative +14 (RR keep 2nd), Knowledge Galactic Lore +14, Knowledge Life Sciences +14, Mechanics +14, Perception +14 (RR keep 2nd), Stealth +14, Survival +14
Untrained SKills Climb +6, Gather Information +7, Jump +6, Knowledge untrained +9, Persuasion +7, Pilot +9, Ride +9, Swim +6, Treat Injury +9, Use Computer +9, Use the Force [Force Artifact] ( +7)



Oon was born on a space transport, in hyperspace, passing somewhere in the vicinity of Coruscant. That would be as close as she would get to the ‘heart of the universe’ for a very longtime. Her parents were explorers, typically doing freelance work for the Republic Explorer’s Corps for credits and equipment. Although they kept to themselves a lot, they also had a few friends in the Republic Navy through their interactions with the Explorer’s Corps.

While Oon was 18, she and her family returned to Coruscant to visit an ailing relative who was working as an ambassador’s aide. As it turned out, the ailment was highly contagious to other Zabrak and her parents fell ill during the visit. Shortly thereafter, Oon’s parent’s and her other relative died.

The family ship was taken to cover the hospital costs. Finding herself alone and not knowing who her parents’ friends on the planet were, she became a drifter. Oon went from job to job, until one day in a Coruscant market she was recognized by one of her parents’ old Navy friends. He was human, and a retired Navy officer. Most importantly, he had connections in the Explorer’s Corps and was able to set Oon up with work for the Corps again.

In early those days, despite her personal losses, Oon considered herself lucky. She had fallen in with good people on Coruscant after her parents’ passing and although she was a drifter, she didn’t feel like one. She felt she had retained a certain innocence. It wasn’t until after she had traveled on her own again for a while that she changed, becoming more cynical and jaded, particularly after spending some considerable time in Hutt Space.

All of this is the story Oon thought she knew about her past, but it wasn’t the full truth as she would learn later.

At around the time of the events on Cathar early in the campaign, Oon was a scout for the Explorer’s Corps. She had taken an Explorer’s Corps subcontract from the Mining Guild to prospect an old mining site in the Cathar mountains, and that’s when she first encountered and joined the rest of the party.

In her youth, Oon was hard working and earnest with a generally positive outlook on the galaxy and the people in it. Later, after dealing with smugglers and scoundrels in the trade of antiquities she might find on her missions she became more cynical and jaded. She came to recognize that most people in the galactic fringe were out for themselves and this caused her to take on an outlook that it was not wrong to steal from people who themselves steal from others. She honed her skills until she was completely remorseless when it came to lying to anyone she judged to be less than ethical. If she felt or knew that someone had dealt honestly with her, she would not, “burn them,” in her words… unless it was a matter of life or death.

As wary as she could be of strangers and enemies, Oon is fiercely loyal to her few friends and her curiosity of the unknown has never faded.

Force Artifact – In one of the many temples and ancient sites visited by our heroes during their travels, Oon came into possession of an unusual Force artifact, pyramidal in shape and crystalline in structure. It is small enough to fit in her pocket, and although crystalline in appearance, it seems incredibly durable. None of the Jedi have been able to identify or explain the artifact, not even through direct examination or study with their heightened Force senses and skills. This artifact seemed to attune to Oon in some way while on Iridonia and it grants her a limited precognitive sense of danger. As her bond strengthened with the artifact, she also gained a limited ability to sense the Force and manipulate it slightly. In the days after escaping Coruscant with the Jedi and beginning a journey to Dromuund Kaas to rescue Lord Hoth, the artifact began to glow with an eerie purple light. This light seems to come from within the artifact and illuminates the crystalline latticework with a slow pulsation. (Rules terms: While in possession of the artifact, Oon cannot be surprised in a surprise round. The artifact also grants access to untrained uses of the Use the Force skill, but it does not allow Oon to learn or use Force Powers, Talents, or Secrets.)

True Heritage – While on Iridonia attempting to help build and lead a local resistance to Sith occupation, Oon learned that her past was not as her parents had told her. The truth was that her uncle, Kaz Noth, was the King of Iridonia in the years before Oon’s birth, and that she herself was a member of the now exiled House Noth. Kaz’s rule ended when the throne was usurped through conspiracies that framed Kaz, and the current King took over – Praz Chang. Praz was a rival from a rival family and as King has been a despot in every possible way. He arranged many accidents for the previous royal family members, but as his power grew he was eventually able to name them enemies of the state and declare them excommunicated from Iridonian society. So it was that Oon’s family went into exile, even before she was born. When they left Iridonia, her parents left their oldest child, Kathan, the prince-in-exile, there in hiding in the mountains with the other fugitives that they hoped would someday spark a resistance. The Republic Naval Officer, Ariq Baskilar, was an old friend of Oon’s father and they had served together in the Hapan War. He helped Oon’s parents fake their deaths and escape Iridonia. Just a few months later, Oon was born. Her parents planned to at least hide Oon far from Iridonia in the event that Kathan would be killed, but also hoped they all would be able to return to Iridonia someday and restore the family’s stature by casting down the usurper.

Transformation – When Prince Kathan died on Iridonia during the party’s encounters there, Oon became the eldest known heir of House Noth, ahead of only her younger cousin Tosh who was a resistance fighter also unaware of his true heritage. In the days that followed Kathan’s death, Oon traveled to the temple of Jam’tah, in the jungle wilderness and passed the trials of that place. The magic of the temple marked her arms with an Iridonian geometric pattern symbolic of flames and she emerged bearing the Sword of Rulership. Oon claimed her right as heir and embraced her family’s heritage. Where once there was Oon Kath, now there is Oon Lo-Koth.

Royalty – Over the next few weeks, Oon, her Jedi companions and her royal adviser, Jith Sang, organized a rebellion. They overthrew King Praz Chang, though he and the treacherous former Senator to the Republic escaped the planet. The Jedi Xek was killed and his master, Joh-Kel, was captured (though presumed dead) in the fighting. The Republic Navy launched an assault at the same time and together these forces were able to drive out the Sith occupation of Iridonia. To great fanfare and accolades of the common people, Oon was crowned Queen of Iridonia and its colonies, Keeper of the Holy Flame, and Protector of the People. In a rousing speech she praised the Republic as well as her friends. She commissioned a statue in remembrance of the fallen Jedi, Xek and Joh-Kel, and set into motion many civic and social changes to lift Iridonia from its decades of oppression. She signed a treaty to rejoin the Republic and formally called her people to action in a declaration of war against the Sith Empire. This destiny was not where she saw herself forever, though, and it took her far from her true passions of exploration and adventure. In less than a month, she passed the crown to her cousin Tosh Lo-Koth and returned to Coruscant to report back to the SIS and the Jedi Council in person.

Assassination and Vengeance – On a return trip to liberate Cathar from a Sith attack, Oon was tricked by Darth Kaan into killing Darth Ruin, the Sith Emperor for the last 1,000 years. In the chaotic battle that followed, she and Kaisan killed the deposed Iridonian King – Praz Chang, who was himself a practitioner of the Dark Side and had accompanied the Sith to enact their dark rituals that day. The treacherous former Senator from Iridonia escaped her vengeance and still lives.

Exile – Eventually, Oon and her companions were framed by political leaders in the Republic who put them on trial for war crimes. A Republic tribunal found her guilty of conducting torture on a prisoner of war during her mission to Iridonia the previous year and she was dishonorably discharged from Republic service. Considering her political standing on Iridonia the tribunal did not sentence her to Republic prison, but did request she return to her native space and not trouble the Republic further. Iridonia itself, was incensed by the show trial and within days of the verdict, King Tosh Lo-Koth withdrew Iridonia from membership in the Republic. Iridonia now stands alone in a galaxy torn apart by war and the Sith have renewed their attacks in Iridonian space following the withdrawal of Republic forces. As for Oon, she helped free her friends who had received more punishing sentences during the trial. Also, on the secret request of the current Jedi Grand Master, she and her companions are racing against time on a mission to rescue Jedi Master Hoth from imprisonment by the Sith on Dromuund Kaas before a Republic assassin team gets to him first.

Oon Kath

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