Near human male


Sebastian CL 7

Medium Human Jedi 4/soldier 3
Destiny 6; Force 8
Init +4; Senses Perception +9
Languages Basic, Shyriiwook

Defenses Ref 20 (flat-footed 19), Fort 21, Will 19
hp 92; Threshold 21

Speed 6 squares
Melee ryyk blade 11 (2d107) or
Melee ryyk blade 11 (2d1011) with both hands or
Melee ryyk blade 11 (3d1011) with Mighty Swing or
Melee ryyk blade 6 (3d1011) with Rapid Strike or
Melee lightsaber 11 (2d87) or
Melee lightsaber 11 (2d811) with both hands or
Melee lightsaber 11 (3d811) with Mighty Swing or
Melee lightsaber 6 (3d811) with Rapid Strike
Ranged by weapon +8
Base Atk +7; Grp +11
Atk Options Cleave, Mighty Swing, Power Attack, Rapid Strike
Special Actions Telekinetic Savant 1/encounter
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +8) battle strike, move object (2), rebuke, vital transfer

Abilities Str 18, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10
Special Qualities build lightsaber
Talents Armored Defense, Improved Armor Defense, Telekinetic Prodigy, Telekinetic Savant
Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Cleave, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (ryyk blade), Force Sensitive, Force Training (2), Mighty Swing, Power Attack, Rapid Strike, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple)
Skills Acrobatics 9, Jump +12, Perception +9, Use the Force +8
Possessions blast helmet and vest (
2 armor), lightsaber, ryyk blade, utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, encrypted comlink, liquid cable dispenser), bandolier, credit chip, Note: Blast vest is leather armor, Robes



Sebastian, known as Teh-Kiser to those closest to him, who is an adept of the Force. He is a male, near-human (effectively human in game stats), born on a world that he can’t identify on star charts, for Sebastian began his life on that world as a member of primitive nomadic tribes. He was known as Teh-Kiser, and was a member of an elder family in his tribe, but one day while he was in the forest playing with other children, he climbed into a shining tent that had flown out of the sky and perched on the ground. Inside, he snuck around as strange creatures wandered the passages within the shining tent, but as he got scared, he decided to sneak back out. However, when he did, the tent flap was closed and he didn’t know how to open it. The tent began to shake and creatures were coming up the passage, so he hid. It turned out that this was a starship, and it left the world with Teh-Kiser stowed away on board as he hid from the strange creatures he’d never seen before.

It’s not clear whose ship this was, but there was a Wookie aboard who discovered, protected, and cared for Teh-Kiser. Teh-Kiser eventually found himself on the world of Wookies where he was raised amidst the family of the Wookie crewman and he trained in the ways of the Rykk blade. Normally the Rykk is a challenge for non-Wookies, but his unique bond and status of being raised in their culture, plus the tremendously tall frame and musculature that he filled into as he aged, aided him in learning the art of this difficult Wookie blade. At some point, Teh-Kiser took the name of Sebastian for himself. Sebastian also knew that he had a connection to a power in his mind that he could call upon in a number of ways, which the Wookies told him was something called the Force. Now a young man, Sebastian has come to Coruscant as he comes of age and begins a rite of passage asked of him by his adopted Wookie culture. He also seeks knowledge of a way home. He has come to understand that his strength and prowess with the blades lends itself to the kinds of work that a bruiser ends up in.

Sebastian’s family structure
(as of when Sebastian had left his homeworld)

Teh-Chakarian: Grandfather
Title: Elder Advisor to the Chief
Age: 87
Brief Background: Oldest of two brothers, like most from the tribe was a fierce fighter in combat but his real specialty was his wisdom and interpretations of the visions of the future. Like all sons raised to be Chief he was taught how to use the Force (called Sephrine by his tribe) for farseeing as well as combat. He had one son named Teh-Aspian.
Spouse: Tehn-Chin (deceased)

Teh-Aspian: Father
Title: Chief
Age: 55
Brief Background: Only son of Teh-Chakarian. As he was not allowed to partake in many of the more dangerous combat, hunts, or games. This made him a softer warrior than most, fortunately for him and the tribe this allowed him to sit on the side lines and watch. The more he watched the more he was able to determine people’s strengths and capabilities. This combined with the training he did in the Sephrine made up, in his and outside tribes eyes, lack of real trial by combat. Married his wife in order to strengthen ties to another tribe (which was eventually absorbed by Tehnochilan thanks to Tehc-Sarry’s help).
Spouse: Tehc-Sarry (28 years)

Tehc-Sarry: Mother
Title: Teacher, Healer, Spouse
Age: 47
Brief Background: It is said that she had bewitching eyes, and perhaps she did for just one look at Teh-Aspian and it is said that he fell instantly in love with her. What started out as a marriage for personal reason for Tehc-Sarry quickly turned to love and affection. She helped her husband to plan and execute the absorption of the tribe she originated from. Thought the five children she has birthed has slowed her down some she still assume the role of Teacher of the Tribe and Healer.
Spouse: Teh-Aspian (28 years)

Teh-Thorian: Older Brother
Title: Elder Son, Vice-Chief
Age: 20
Brief Background: He has a lot to live up to, and some says he might not make it. Fortunately for the naysayers Teh-Thorian is determined to prove them wrong. While not prone to take stupid risks Teh-Thorian has spent a majority of his time learning how to control the Sephrine to help his tribe plan against the new invaders of the planet as well as how to rule fairly.
Spouse: Tehn-Sarran (three years)

Title: Apprentice Teacher/Healer
Age: 20
Brief Background: Easily the more brash of the two, Tehn-Sarran gets mad easily by her husband’s lack of action at times. But she is slowly beginning to see the wisdom that he possess.
Spouse: Teh-Thorian (three years)

Title: Second Son, vice-Spiran
Age: 17
Brief Background: Impulsive and brash would rather take off and do something than sit and plan. It is not uncommon to see Teh-Chirrie the instigator in a conflict. Fortunately he is not the first for the throne and is instead set up to be a Spiran currently training under Teh-Avery leader of the Spiran and the one of the best warrior the Tribe has ever produced. Even if he may be more than a bit impulsive he has great respects for his Elders and brother Teh-Thorian. Twin of Tehn-Cera.
Spouse: Tehn-Mirra (engaged)

Title: vice-Spiran
Age: 18
Brief Background: Elder daughter of Teh-Avery. May be just as impulsive as Teh-Chirrie at times, it’s no wonder that they gravitated towards each other. In combat she fights like a hell-cat and in a few more years of practice she might just be able to beat her father (if he lets her…). Likes to hold over Teh-Chirrie’s head that she will finish her Spiran Trials a year before him.
Spouse: Teh-Chirrie (engaged; to marry when Teh-Chirrie completes his Spiran Trials)

Title: Apprentice Teacher/Healer
Age: 17
Brief Background: Almost Teh-Chirrie’s polar opposite, never rushes off to make something happen always thinks things through (some times too much) before acting on them. Through out her life she has made a very good brake on Teh-Chirrie’s impulsiveness, and in turn Teh-Chirrie has been one of the only real motivators for her (the other being Tehn-Sora). Twin of Teh-Chirrie.
Spouse: Tehn-Sora (engaged)

Title: Spiran
Age: 19
Brief Background: Elder sister to Tehn-Mirra, she has just finished the Spiran trials. While not really able to be compared to her sister Tehn-Mirra or father The-Avery in combat she is a very capable fighter. It is not wholly known how Tehn-Sora and Tehn-Cera became engaged but it happened none the less. While this is not the first same sex marriage the tribe has had, it is the most public as it is between the Chief’s Daughter and the Elder Child of the Leader of Spiran. But no one can tell that these two are not deeply in love with each other, they just wait upon Teh-Chirrie and Tehn-Mirra as both marriages will happen at the same time.
Spouse: Tehn-Cera (engaged)

Title: Spiran-in-training (if you ask her); Apprentice Healer (if you as her parents)
Age: 15
Brief Background: Tehn-Ja idolizes her older Brothers and to some extent her Sister also but does not like her inaction at times. Her goal is to become a Spiran, but her parents are trying to push her into the role of Healer as they are slightly afraid as a majority of their children are taking up the Spiran life style and like any parent they fear for their safety. But at current it looks like Tehn-Ja will win as her latest push combines the two jobs together as what will basically be a Battlefield Medic (Sephrine empowered), which might end up as a permanent position in the Spiran force.
Spouse: No prospects yet, she is too busy selling her Spiran Healer idea. And training in both arts.

Teh-Kiser (Sebastian)
Title: Spiran-in-training
Age: 13
Brief Background: Devoted to his parents and siblings. Currently training to be a Spiran.
Spouse: None yet

Expanded Background Notes from Player:
Hello this is Simar Ralth from GNN here with Sebastian the recent awardees of the Star of Kilamar by Senator Targos, for saving his life from an assassination attempt along with two other brave young heroes. I was able to catch up with Sebastian just after being awarded the Medal here is part of that time.

Simar Ralth: So that was some quick thinking you did there, what was running through your mind while all this was happening?

Sebastian: Nothing, the Senator was in danger. It was my duty to protect Senator Lohk and after seeing to that try. I left to stop any other person from becoming a victim of his dishonorable deeds.

SR: So then you weren’t afraid standing there below him waiting for him to descend from the rafters?

SB: Of course not, a true warrior will would never shrink from a battle. They brace themselves and lean in to adversity.

SR: Sounds like you have a very strict sense of honor there? Is it a trait of you Wookie upbringing?

SB: Wookie upbringing?

SR: Sure, you know you being raised by Wookies on Kashyyk. That’s what is being reported anyway.

SB: Then it is mistaken, I may have spent some time on their world but I was not raised by them. I was raised by my tribe.

SR: Your tribe?

SB: Yes the Tribe Tehnochilan.

SR: So what is your tribe like?

SB: We are a group of ferocious and proud warriors. In games and competition among other tribes we often won. And on hunts or when we were forced into war with another tribe we were skilled and cunning warriors. What more could you ask for in a tribe?

SR: I see, and where is this tribe of yours located?

SB: I do not know. I was taken from there when I was 13.

SR: Really? What happened?

SB: I was thirteen and deeply involved in my training to become a proud warrior when they started to come.

SR: They who?

SB: I do not know, but with in a few months they had started to desecrate our land. We had tried to fight them off but they had what I now recognize as Blasters and were no match for them.

SR: I see, then they kidnapped you and took you to the Wookie homeworld and sold into indentured servitude?

SB: No, I was out with my friends when we came upon a ship that had landed outside the encampment that was created. We decided to explore the vessel and see if we could find out the secrets of their ‘Magic.’ But alas before I could get off the ship they left the planet.

SR: Then they placed you into indentured servitude?

SB: NO, no one sold me into my life on Kashyyk. I escaped their feeble attempts to hold me when they had landed and wandered the streets living off what ever I could find. Until I was foraging in on the property of Mr. Lutis Kaloton, liaison between the refit stations on Kashyyk and Triton Ship Systems. They took me in gave me a place to stay and food to eat in exchange for my services.

SR: So I see the rumors are wrong then. So how did you end up in the service of the Senator if you worked for Lutis Kaloton?

SB: It was earlier this year when we were on our way back to Coruscant for an annual meeting with the company. Our ship was attacked by pirates. I tried to defend Mr. Kaloton and the others that had come with us but it was no use. They eventually killed Mr. Kaloton, and left several of us wounded and at the time unable to fight. Fortunately another ship responded to the distress call. When our journey was complete I arrived on Coruscant with out any ability to return to Kashyyk or my home planet. I ended up accepting a job offer from a Jedi that had placed me in Senator Lohk’s services.

SR: Well that’s the most you have said all interview. You really aren’t much of a talker hare you?

SB: No, now if you will excuse me I have other things I must attend to.

SR: Of course. Thank you for your time.

SB: …


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