Senator Targos

Human Senator seeking nomination for Chancellor


Popular human Senator from Chandrilla. Targos is vying for a nomination to the recently re-opened office of Chancellor of the Senate (and in effect of the Republic). The colossal ineptitude of the Senate to act as its members pursue self-interests to a fault has led to the ancient seat of Chancellor being renewed. Many Senators agreed to the proposition to resurrect the position because they feel that they or their immediate allies could gain power and consolidate military protection during this crisis by controlling the office.

Targos’ views are moderate. He advocates defending all of the Republics ideals through fighting the war and pushing back Lettonian encroachment. He supports the Jedi, but only to a degree. He believes in the Jedi, personally, but publicly he calls for the Jedi to be removed from military and government positions and service as a matter of course. Individual Jedi can serve, but not through the organized power base of the Jedi Order. Instead, the Jedi Order must remove itself as a political and judicial entity in the Republic.

Senator Targos

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