Sesta Ramis

Noble of Cathar and Sergeant in the Republic Army


Medium Cathar – Noble 5, Soldier 3, Officer 4
Destiny 5; Force 12
Force Dice 2d6, keep highest
Init + 9; Perception + 14 (normal)
Languages Basic, Catharese, and ????

Defenses Modified Corellian Powersuit – Ref 30 (flat-footed 27), Fort 26, Will 30
Defenses Normal – Ref 27 (flat-footed 24), Fort 26, Will 30
Special Command Cover (+1 cover bonus to Ref per adjacent ally, max +2)
hp 106; Threshold 26
Second Winds 1; Second Wind HP 26

Speed 8 squares (6 armored); Climb 3 squares (armored)
Melee claws + 12 (1d6+8)
Melee armor claws + 12 (1d4+8)
Ranged lightning assault blaster rifle + 13 (3d8+8 energy) [imp damage, dual gear, Ammo: 50, Stun: Yes]
Ranged thunder scatter gun + 13 (3d8+8 piercing PB, 2d8 short, none beyond) [inaccurate, imp damage, dual gear, Ammo: 10]
Ranged blaster pistol + 14 (3d6+6 energy) [imp accuracy, Ammo:100, Stun: Yes]
Ranged heavy slugthrower pistol + 14 (2d8+6 piercing) [imp accuracy, Ammo: 8]
Ranged blaster pistol and heavy slugthrower pistol + 12 and + 12 (see dmg above)
Ranged light concussion missile launcher + 13 (4d10+6 slashing) [2-sq splash, Ammo: 1, -10 attack if target is smaller than huge]
Base Atk +10; Grp +12 ( +11 unarmored)
Atk Options Reactive claw (1x/encounter: claw attack as a swift after a successful melee atk; requires a free hand), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw

Special Actions
Born Leader – 1x/encounter, swift: Allies in LoS gain +1 insight to attacks and may keep bonus after breaking LoS (DC) until activator is unconscious or dead or encounter ends
Rally – 1x/encounter, swift: Allies in LoS under half hp gain +2 morale to Ref, Will, and damage for the rest of the encounter
Grand Leader – 1x/encounter, swift: Allies within LoS and 20 sq gain 11 bonus hp until end of encounter
Assault Tactics (mind affecting) – 1x/round, move: Make DC 15 Knowledge Tactics check to designate 1 creature or object to take +1d6 damage on all successful melee or ranged attacks from you and all allies who can hear and understand you until the start of your next turn.
Share Talent (Born Leader) – 1x/day, standard: 2 allies within 10 sq until end of encounter
Share Talent (Grand Leader) – 1x/day, standard: 2 allies within 10 sq until end of encounter

Abilities Str 13 (15), Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 18
Talents Assault Tactics, Born Leader, Distant Command, Rally, Armored Defense, Improved Armored Defense, Grand Leader
Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Dual Weapon Mastery I, Force of Personality, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Weapon Proficiency (heavy, pistols, rifles, simple)
Trained Skills Knowledge (Bureaucracy) + 12, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) + 12, Knowledge (Tactics) + 12, Perception +14, Persuasion +15, Stealth +14, Treat Injury +12
Untrained Skills Acrobatics +9, Climb +8 ( +7) [when armored can re-roll to keep better result and take 10 while under duress], Deception +10, Endurance +8, Gather Information +10, Initiative +9, Jump +8 ( +7), Knowledge (untrained) +7, Mechanics +7, Pilot +9, Ride +9, Survival +7, Swim +8 ( +7), Use Computer +7, Use the Force N/A



Notable Life Events
Sesta joined the party on Endregaad, while it was under quarantine, shortly after the loss of Sebastian.
Currently holds the rank of Sergeant in the Republic military.

Age 58


Sesta was the middle child of 4 (two older sisters and one younger) in the house of Ramis on Cathar. Being the member of one of the few noble houses of Cathar, he grew up in a life of privilege; he wanted for nothing. Though the Noble houses of Cathar are few in number, as the ancient traditions have long since diminished in the cities, some carry on. One would think that because of this Sesta would grow up with a snobbish, elitist nature that is present in most nobles. But his parents knew better and raised their children to realize the value in people and that his noble heritage is a tradition that is tolerated and admired by the people and not a birthright to be squandered. As such, he and his siblings grew up with a great respect for all fellow Cathar and more humble nature.

As a child Sesta discovered a knack for playing the Cathar cello and spent a good amount of time learning to play as he grew up. He entertained many gatherings of Senators, nobles, and other dignitaries playing in the Cathar Coronet, a small musical group of five members most of the time. The group played upbeat and stylish contemporary instrumentals usually, but occasionally with a vocalist. Sesta might have lived out his days as a featured musician, but unfortunately duty called—the Republic Navy to be exact.

As with his eldest sister Sabrina, Sesta was called to active duty as a soldier in the ground units of the relatively small Republic Navy. Traditionally, the noble families of Cathar store great value in having a member of the family in the military. Due to this, most families send at least one representative into the Republic Navy to uphold tradition and maintain prestige within the noble circles on Cathar. The Ramis family had already sent Sesta’s older sister, Sabrina, to the Naval Academy to train as an officer, but when the Hapan war broke out, Sesta joined up after hearing the harrowing tales told by his siter, Sabrina, at times when she was home on leave. At Sesta’s decision, it was believed that the Ramis family was cursed whereby any member’s name that begins with an s will find their way into military service—Sesta’s mother, Sylvian was also called almost 30 years before that, in a bitter but brief skirmish with resurgent Mandalorian clans that had threatened the Republic in the regions near Cathar.

Sesta carried out his time in boot camp with many other nobles’ children from around the Republic. He trained at a Republic base on Alderaan. After training was completed, Sesta and his unit were sent to the front; Ireon tried to get his son moved into a less dangerous role but Sesta asked him not to as soon as he found out. Ireon taught his children too well. Sesta could not stand that because of his noble birth he should be singled out. Many of the other children of nobles from his unit were not as selfless and did transfer out when the opportunity was created by their families’ meddling. Meanwhile, Sabrina was promoted to an officer position in the Navy and signed on for another tour of duty.

Sesta was in the trenches, initially, and became well known for whipping the men around him into Cathar-like fighting fury. Soon he was transferred into the elite commando units, and given command of what was jokingly referred to as the Fur’s Fury, for obvious reasons. The unit consisted of six members; Sesta (Cathar – Sergeant/ commander), Frell (Defel – Corporal/scout&2nd in command), Rocatrinicel (Frozian – Specialist/demolitions), Cardo (Cathar – Specialist/slicer&repairman), Gagen (Lepi – Specialist/scout&disable device), Paska (Ranth – Corporal/Sniper), and Ruluwoor (Selonian, Female – Specialist/heavy weapons). Their unit saw great success in the war despite the loss of Gegan and Frell.

When the war finished Sesta went home for a year, before taking up an officer position at a Republic base in the Cathar sector. He spent the remainder of his twenties in the Naval Ground Forces of the Republic.

Upon his retirement Sesta settled down, started a family with his wife Adonis, of House Shartess, and entered into a new battlefield of Cathar politics. His hero status from the war and reputation as a fair dealer in the political dealings served him well.

When the Lettonian Legion began their attack Sesta was called back into service. He has heard that perhaps some of the other members of Fur’s Fury to once again help the Republic.

Currently, Sesta finds himself stranded on Endregaad, just rim-ward of the Indrexu Spiral, where he was caught on the ground during the outbreak of a virulent plague. He was on his way to a mission posting, based out of Ord Radama, traveling alone, when he was switching transports at Endregaad. He has contacted Republic commanders and has received confirmation that he is cleared from reporting until the plague lifts and he can get off of Endregaad.

Ireon – Father, Leader of House Ramis (dead as of Sesta’s 53rd year)
Sylvian – Mother from House Keswaun (dead as of Sesta’s 56th year)

Children of Ireon & Sylvian:
Sabrina – 1st child (70 years) (current house leader, married w/ 2 children, Blond/Brown fur mix)
Merle – 2nd child (63 years) (widowed w/ 0 children, elegant and politically savvy, Silver fur)
Sesta – 3rd child (married to Adonis, w/ 3 children)
Nukushi – 4th child (55 years) (married w/ 5 children, more flighty, Black fur)

Children of Sesta and Adonis:
Krix – Son (age 22)
Eris – Daughter (age 18)
Nodan – Daughter (age 15)

Basic, Catharese, High Galactic

Sesta Ramis

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