Cathar Spear

A spear crafted by Cathar nomads and imbued with the power of the Force

weapon (melee)

This item functions as a normal spear imbued with Force Attunement which grants +1 to attack rolls and allows the item to retain its inherent DR vs all attacks against it. Only one who has been attuned to the specific item via the imbuing rituals of the Cathar Tribal Mystics gains the benefits of the Force Attunement in all regards.

Price: Not available for sale, estimated base value at the price for a standard spear because the imbued features work only for the attuned individual.


These spears are created by Cathar Tribal Mystics for young hunters who reach adulthood through a rite of passage. On occasion, such spears are also created to honor sentient beings who are adopted as members of the tribe. The spears are created in a Force ritual conducted by a circle of mystics and the recipient of the spear in order to attune the item to that recipient.

One spear each was awarded to Joh-Kel, Oon, Sebastian, and Tyson after gaining acceptance of the tribe amidst the events surrounding negotiations to construct a spaceport.

Cathar Spear

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