Nullification Emitter

A small device that can be worn that allows normal time to pass within temporally differentiated regions.


Unique Effect:
Nullification emitters are small devices that allow the wearer to operate and interact with the nearby environment normally in areas of altered space time. The effect extends for approximately a 3 meter radius.

Nullification emitters consume a lot of energy and require a special energy cell that uses illithium fuel. An emitter can run for approximately 6 hours before needing replacement.

Rarity: Unique (extremely limited supply, possible exotech)

Cost: Not available for sale


Developed in a Lettonian research lab, and powered by special energy cells fueled by Illithium, Nullification Emitters were created for the sole purpose of localized integration with temporal fields generated by the Chronotometer. It is unknown if the devices would be effective in other circumstances, but it is known that they required extensive tuning to the Chronotometer’s special temporal harmonics before a successful configuration was achieved.

Nullification Emitter

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