Prototype Fortified and Agile Echani Armor

An advanced model of Echani light battle armor of excellent craftsmanship


Reflex Defense Bonus: + 4
Equipment Bonus to Fort: + 2
Max Dex: + 4
Speed: 6 squares
Armor Stripping: Defensive Material Stripped
Mods: Tech Specialist Agility and Fortification (Prototype)
Upgrades: Mesh Underlay (+5 equipment bonus to Damage Threshold vs. Stun damage)
Weight: 5.0 kg

Armor DR: 5/-
Armor Hit Points: 10
Armor Damage Threshold: 15

Price: Not available for sale, estimated base value at 15,250 credits

This is a Prototype of Echani Light Battle Armor which enhances the equipment bonus to Fortitude Defense. It also has the tech specialist trait for agile armor. The armor is half the weight of normal Light Battle Armor and has a Mesh Underlay modification installed.


This armor was crafted by the Echani Warrior Caste for its vanguard of elite combatants which accompanied high ranking members of the Legion of Lettow near the onset of their invasion of the galaxy.

One suit of this armor was worn in a battle against the party by an Echani Warrior who was serving Kaox Krul. After the party defeated the warrior, Tyson Smee eventually took possession of the armor and had it fitted to be able to wear it.

Prototype Fortified and Agile Echani Armor

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