Sesta's Power Suit


Modified Corellian Power Suit (+6 Reflex, +2 Str, 3 upgrade slots)

Reflex Defense Bonus: + 6
Equipment Bonus to Fort: + 1
Max Dex: + 3
Speed: 4 squares (6 squares for a creature with base speed of 8 squares)
Armor Stripping: Defensive Material Stripped
Mods: Tech Specialist Fortification
-Helmet Package (+ 2 Perception Checks and low-light vision)
-Vacuum Seals (10 hours)
-Climbing Claws (Climb Speed half of armored speed, re-roll Climb checks and keep better result)
-Ready Harness (retrieve or stow some items as a move, stowed items effectively half weight for encumbrance)
-Integrated equipment (5 slots):

Integrated Equipment
*Triangulation Visor (reduces range increments for solid fire round weapons by one range category)
*Electrobinoculars (Darkvision; reduces penalty for visual Perception checks to -1 per 10 squares)
*Subsonic Field Emitter (6 meter radius field prevents tiny or smaller creatures with Int <= 2 from entering)
*Surveillance Detector (+10 equipment bonus to Perception to detect surveillance devices within 6 squares)

Special: + 2 Enhancement to Strength
Weight: 25.2 kg

Armor DR: 5/-
Armor Hit Points: 10
Armor Damage Threshold: 15

Price: Not available for sale, estimated base value at 27,670 credits

This armor began as a basic Corellian Power Suit, but has been heavily modified.


This is the personal armor of Sesta Ramis which he has customized throughout his years of military service with the assistance of Cathar tech specialists.

Sesta's Power Suit

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