Tempest Spice

An addictive spice that grants the ability to Rage.



Immediately grants +6 Will Defense, +2 Fort Defense (netting +1 to Threshold), a -2 penalty to Reflex Defense, and one charge of the Tempest Rage ability to the user for 12 hours after taking a dose. These changes to defense scores last for 12 hours from the time of taking the dose. The drug is quite powerful and saturates the user’s system. The effects do not stack and only one charge of Tempest Rage can be stored in the same 12 hour period, no matter how many doses of Tempest are taken.


If a user takes more than one dose of Tempest in a week, they become addicted. Addicted users have an insatiable craving Tempest and whenever they are not under the 12 hour effects of a dose, they suffer a -1 persistent condition from addiction. The addiction persistent condition is not removable through any means other than refraining from the use of Tempest for one week. Even a single use of Tempest after breaking Tempest addiction renews the addiction.


Taking more than a single dose within a single 12 hour period, the user becomes automatically addicted, if not already. It also immediately causes 1d2 points of Wisdom damage (cumulative), triggers an immediate Rage even if the Rage charge was spent earlier, and expends any held Tempest Rage charges not yet used. When the overdose-induced Tempest Rage ends, the user goes into Withdrawal, but retains the defense score adjustments until Tempest leaves their system. If an overdose causes a user’s Wisdom to drop to zero, the character falls unconscious and cannot be awakened until the ability damage is restored to a value above zero. Note that natural recovery is not possible while under a persistent condition. A user that remains unconscious for three days due to Tempest, dies. If a user receives three or more doses within 24 hours, the user dies and cannot spend a Force Point or Destiny Point to avoid death.


When entering Withdrawal, the user moves -3 persistent steps on the condition track. If this results in the character reaching the bottom of the condition track and falling unconscious, the character dies. Characters can expend a Force Point to avoid dying, but this Force Point cannot be recovered in any way, including through Force Point Recovery and similar abilities. The persistent condition can only be removed by resting for 8 hours. This persistent condition stacks with the persistent condition from Addiction when the dose of Tempest completely wears off, although the methods of removing the Withdrawal and Addiction conditions remain separate.

Addiction Over Time

Tempest is extremely damaging to biological systems over time. Anyone addicted to Tempest for two months (60 days) without interruption, automatically dies the next time they take Tempest. Force Points or Destiny Points cannot be spent to avoid death in this instance. Anyone that breaks the addiction of Tempest subtracts one day from this counter for each day they remain clean down to zero. If a Tempest user relapses, this counter resumes from wherever it was at when the new dose is taken.

Tempest Rage

Tempest Rage is very similar to Wookie Rage. When the user activates Tempest Rage, they gain +2 rage bonus to melee attacks and damage but cannot use skills that require concentration such as Mechanics, Stealth, or Use Computer. In addition, any persistent conditions as a result of Tempest usage are temporarily suspended, including Addiction, Withdrawal, or post-Rage exhaustion, for the duration of the Rage. Wookies that use Tempest adjust their defense scores as above, but do not gain an additional use of Rage. Instead, any uses of Rage that they activate within the 12 hour period has its duration increased by 5 rounds. This bonus duration cannot be further extended through multiple doses within the same 12 hour period. When Tempest Rage ends the user suffers -1 persistent condition until the user rests for 10 minutes without any strenuous activity.

Force Users that attempt to make a check with the Use the Force skill while in a Rage increase their Dark Side Score by 1, but are not cut off from using the Force. Force users that want to resist the lure of the Dark Side can compare their UtF check to their unmodified Will Defense (do not include the +6 bonus to Will defense from Tempest). This check is the same as the check used to activate the skill or a power, and not an additional check. If the check equals or exceeds the user’s Will Defense, the character’s personal willpower is stronger than the Rage and that activation of the Force is normal. Any use of a Force Point or Destiny Point in conjunction with any uses of the Force while in a Rage cause the user to increase their Dark Side Score by 1, regardless of the check result to resist the Dark Side. Regardless of the results to resist the Dark Side or not, the check result is then resolved normally for the UtF related action.


Tempest is a variant of spice that has recently appeared on the market. Like nearly all spice, it is illegal because of its addictive nature and harmful effects that can result in death in just a few short months or less. The spice consists of a pink or purple crystalline dust and one dose consists of a half ounce. The dust can be ingested in a variety of ways, but is typically dissolved in two ounces of water which is then taken orally.

According to The Tempest Feud (pg 37) in which the substance first appears: “The sensation of taking tempest is akin to having hot spikes driven into the back of your brain, releasing a flood of pleasurable emotions. One feels disassociated from one’s body and invulnerable to any assault.” The drug also causes one to have an extremely short temper. The veins of the user darken, becoming visible through the membrane of the skin of many species.

The Sith Empire has been supplying several of its front line units with Tempest Spice to improve their performance against Jedi-led units thanks to the improved Willpower of the users. The Empire has recently suffered minor setbacks from discovering the long term effects of Tempest but cycles units assigned to the use of the spice to a strict one month on and one month off regimen. This cycle of enforced usage tends to coincide with deployments of units on and off the front lines.

Tempest Spice

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