Light vs. Dark

Adventure 24 - Corporate Blockade

The Bomu Clan (a Rodian family of pirates that has apparently been tipped off) ambushes the party and begins a boarding operation against the Grey Ghost. The party defeats the boarders and counter-boards the Bomu ship. Sebastian falls in the battle but the Bomu are defeated and their ship is scuttled after the party scours its data banks and learns that the Bomu were hired by Jorda’s other son, Zonnos, whom the party angered in the previous meeting with Jorda and his entourage. The party continues to Endregaad where it encounters the Corporate Sector blockade. In a meeting with the enemy Commander, Kaisan smooth talks passage down to the planet. The team lands the Grey Ghost in the outskirts of Tel Bollin on Endregaad and makes its way into town on foot.

Adventure 23 - A Hutt's Family

The party is given a new mission to obtain navigation routes from Jorda the Hutt to navigate the Indrexu Spiral (Tempest Feud). During their trip to Nar Shaddaa, at a stop on Rudrig, they are attacked out of thin air by sith assassins where Tyson blasts his way onto the scene from a nearby cantina to also rejoin the party. On Nar Shaddaa, Jorda asks the party to bring his son, Mika, back from Endregaad which is under quarantine by the Corporate Sector. He’ll provide the nav routes in return for this service. He gives the party a ship as a gift, the Grey Ghost. The party sets out for Endregaad but is ambushed in space by the Bomu Clan.

Party Changes

Joh-Kel and Xek are MIA.

Nikos, an NPC, also leaves the party to return to Republic Intelligence for other missions.

Aidan Vesarn, a human Jedi Knight replaces Joh-Kel.
Kaisan Varu, a Corellian pilot in the Republic starfighter corps and a Force senstive, replaces Xek.

Adventure 22 - Return of the Queen

The party makes its final moves in the Iridonian rebellion, infiltrating factories to incite the workers to rise up and create enough civil discord to enable rebel commando teams to strike key targets of the Sith and the King. Through farseeing, the Sith have forseen this plan and lay a trap at the factory where the party goes. At the factory, Joh-Kel and Xek battle a Sith warrior, while the rest of the party chases after the King, who is also revealed to be a dark side Force user. Only the Sith warrior comes out of the battle with the Jedi and claims he killed the Jedi. Meanwhile, the rest of the team joins up with newly arrived Republic commandos from the fleet which has arrived to help drive the Sith from the planet. In a battle within the royal palace itself, the remainder of the Sith warrior and his troops. A very much alive Zath arrives to take out the enemy with a rocket launcher. The King and former Republic Senator of the King’s regime escape in the chaos, but the Sith rulers of the planet are defeated. Oon is crowned queen in a ceremony a few days later, and in the first speech to her people she commissions the building of a statue to commemorate Joh-Kel and Xek, who are missing in action, but presumed dead. She also declares that she will take the fight to enemy wherever they go in the galaxy and that Zath will rule in her stead until her work in the galaxy to keep Iridonia safe is done. Oon, Sebastian, and Nikos return to Coruscant, along with newly appointed Iridonian Senator – Jith Sang.

Adventure 21 - Prison Break

The party infiltrates a prison in the capital city to free Republic troops and officers to aid their cause. They succeed and rescue an old contact of Oon’s – Ariq Baskalar, a Republic Navy Commander. They get Ariq to an offworld transport and instruct him to return in 15 days with the fleet. By then, they will be making their move to take back the capital with their fellow rebels.

Adventure 20 - The Temple of Jam'tah

The Zabrak rebels, who dub themselves the Royalists, honor the old ways. Jith informs Oon that blood is not enough, and to cement her claim amongst the Royalists she must complete a ritual in the Temple of Jam’tah; an ancient ruin on the edge of the desert. Jith trains Oon in the old tongue to be able to complete the ceremony when the time comes. Oon and the party proceed to the temple, which the Force users sense to be a nexus of dark side power. A spirit takes possession of Joh-Kel who starts to attack the team, but the party finally stuns him out of it before anyone is killed. The team also overcomes several more traps and illusions. Xek eventually purifies the temple through the use of Force Light and Oon completes the ritual, coming away with an old relic as well. The party proceeds to a rendezvous with Jith in the town of Ethis, just outside of the capital.

Adventure 19 - Broken Hold

The traitorous security agents reveal the location of the mountain base and the rebels know what will happen. They prepare for battle. The party is ready to assist until Jith Sang reveals to Oon that Kathan was Oon’s brother and their parents’ families ruled on Iridonia before Praz Lo-Change mired them in false allegations and forced them to step down. Kathan, and Oon, also have a cousin, Zath, who lives among the rebels, but his claim to the throne is less direct than Oon’s. That makes Oon the heir to the throne if Praz Lo-Chang and the Sith can be unseated and as such, her safety becomes paramount. The new plan is the rebels will engage in a fighting retreat as small teams safely escort Zath and Oon away through the mountain tunnels to separate safe house locations back towards the cities. The battle comes, and the party escapes with Oon, overcoming a very close encounter with Gundarks and their nests on the far side of the mountains. About a week later, the party receives a report that Zath was killed in action when his team was tracked down as various rebel cells scattered during the battle.

Adventure 18 - Kathan's Raiders

After some time with Zabrak rebels, the Prince in Exile recognizes their common interests and decides to utilize the party as a highly trained strike team to aid his efforts to retake the throne. The Prince, his security detail, and the party go on a sortie to steal intelligence from a forward base that the King and the Sith have set up in the jungle to scout for the rebels. The party takes the brunt of the action at the base, but the security detail chooses this moment to sell out the Prince. Sebastian agitates the negotiations with the treacherous security agents via a grenade and the hostage Prince is killed. The security agents are grievously wounded but Sith reinforcements arrive before they can be captured or killed. The party escapes with the Prince’s body, some captured data cards of intelligence, and its lives. It returns to the rebel base crestfallen.

Adventure 17 - Jungle Trek

The party is taken captive by locals at the crash site and it is later learned these locals form the core of a resistance movement on the planet that opposes the long-standing King, Praz Lo-Chang, who now stands as a willing puppet of the new Sith governor. Over several days, the party proves itself to the locals during a dangerous journey to overcome blood sniffers, gundarks, and proximity to an ancient dark side temple. Eventually they reach an underground base in the nearby mountains where they meet Prince Kathan, the supposedly rightful heir to the Iridonian throne, and his advisor Jith Sang.

Adventure 16 - Jedi Hunter Redux

The party journeys to Nar Shaddaa to again meet with Jorda the Hutt. They seek to obtain underworld in-roads to Iridonia such as smuggler’s jump points. Jorda provides for the party in the form of a local Zabrak smuggler, Ooth Dep, but asks that they remember his benevolence in the future. The party tracks down Ooth Dep and outsmarts his traps to gain audience with him. Ooth provides the vital smuggler routes into the Iridonia system. While making their way back to the ship, the party is led into an ambush with the Jedi Hunter that tried to take down Joh-Kel a few months before. This time, Joh-Kel absorbs a direct hit from the Hunter and immediately transfers that energy into a fatal blow on the Hunter instead. The Hunters spectating minions silently fade away into the Nar Shaddaa night. With a way into Iridonia, the party finally winds its way across the galaxy to the home system of the Zabrak. Upon arrival, the Stormhawk is set upon by patrolling fighters over Iridonia itself. Missiles bring the Stormhawk down and the party crash lands in the harsh jungles of the planet.


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