Light vs. Dark

Adventure 5 - The Place Farthest From

Following failed talks on Alderaan, our heroes are sent undercover on Tatooine to pose as mercenaries. In this adventure, they fend off womp rats, investigate a missing droid in the desert, encounter a lone traveler, infiltrate a Jawa sandcrawler, and hold off a Tusken horde. When all seems lost, two new allies appear to save the day at The Place Farthest From…

Adventure 4 - Alderaanian Summit

Joh-Kel, Sebastian, and Tyson accompany the Senator and Quintis Morgan to a diplomatic summit that is being held on Alderaan to address the rising tensions between the Bothans and the Hutts and the general increase in pirate raids on galactic trade lanes. Lassor is also being transferred from Coruscant to a mid-rim prison colony via Alderaan on this trip using the enhanced security to keep that transfer secure. During the summit, apparent pirates in league with Lassor stage a prison break to free him. Read the synopsis for Alderaanian Summit

Adventure 3 - The Dervish of the Opera

The party returns to Coruscant and takes a stint as the Senator’s personal security retinue in place of Lassor who was found guilty of espionage and the assassination attempts in the first adventure. At the opera, another assassination attempt is made, this time on Senator Targhos by a Seyugi Dervish. The party foils the attempt, but the dervish escapes. For their gallant efforts the party is awarded the Star of Kilimar at a very public press conference held by Senator Targos. The details are in the synopsis for The Dervish of the Opera

Adventure 2 - Lost Things on Cathar

The party begins work for Senator Lohk as diplomatic envoys to Cathar to broker a deal for contruction of a new spaceport between the nomadic wanderers of the savanna and city dwellers. During the adventure, two characters make cameos – Oon Kath and Fondomar Tomal. In the course of questing on Cathar, the party gains acceptance amidst the nomad tribes, explorers an abandoned mine that contains an ancient underground city, and battles its undead guardians. In a desperate attempt to destroy the dangerous mine but matters go horribly awry when the explosions trigger a temporal field trap. For all the details, read the synopsis of Lost Things on Cathar

Adventure 1 - The Crystal Jewel Cantina

This adventure brought Joh-Kel, Sebastian, and Tyson together at the Crystal Jewel Cantina on Coruscant where they stopped an assassination attempt on Senator Lohk and met Jedi Knight Quintis Morgan. They also pursued assassin droids into the Corsucant Royal Aquarium and dealt with the machinations of Lassor, a security officer in the Senator’s retinue. To read all about it, check out the adventure synopsis for The Crystal Jewel Cantina

Using the Adventure Log

The adventure log contains an outline of brief adventure descriptions of the campaign in reverse order. Each entry links to the full account of the adventure in the campaign wiki under Campaign History. If players would like to post any accounting of adventures, they have two options. First, if any adventure or other personal character creation is done from the perspective of their character, then entries should be created under Character Viewpoints. Alternately, if simply taking notes or relating events, entries can be made under Player Musings. For any such posts that relate to any given adventure, please include a link to the relevant adventure session(s).


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