A prominent Republic system in the Core Worlds region. Unlike other systems, Alderaan has a very small naval force protecting the planet, promoting itself as a haven for those seeking asylum with the Republic. Alderaan was the site of peace summit where the Republic attempted to broker peace between the Bothans and Hutts following a sudden breakout of open hostilities between them. This conference was disrupted by an action of mercenary forces who broke Officer Lassor out of Republic custody. It was later learned these mercenaries were among advance forces of the Sith military testing themselves against the Republic to learn its tactics.

Certain regions near Aldera City have perfect micro climate conditions on their slopes to support vineyards making the production of fine wines an important export for the planet. Jedi Master Veren lives with his wife on one such estate where he trains both young Jedi and the next generation of Alderaanian viticulture experts.

Notable Locations
Aldera City
Master Veren’s Enclave

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