Alderaanian Summit

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Prior to setting out on this adventure, Joh-Kel is advised by Jedi Knight Quintis that the Jedi Order is running a number of quiet operations to try to dig up info on the sources and resources of the increased piracy in the galaxy lately.

After the opera incident and a couple of days of getting ready (and doing some buying/selling/gear management), the party of Tyson, Sebastian, and Joh-Kel traveled to Alderaan aboard the Senator’s transport. Jedi Quintis came along on the journey to continue protecting the Senator, personally. Officer Lassor was being held prisoner aboard the Senator’s ship as well and was being taken along as part of a prisoner transfer to Brentaal, through Alderaan. The short journey went well and the party assisted security in moving the prisoner to a secure, ground-based Alderaanian facility, to await further transport to Brentaal.

After that, the Senator and Jedi went to the summit hall for a social event and the party was left to explore Aldera City. They conducted more shopping and spent some time in a local cantina. This being Aldera City and the height of culture, whilst they remained donned largely in adventuring garb, they were often eyed warily wherever they went and no cantina brawls broke out this time. Joh-Kel attempted to contact his Master, currently retired on Alderaan, but his Master’s wife answered the comm-call. It seemed that Master Veren was off-planet on some kind of Jedi business.

(At this point I was planting the seeds that Master Veren is still a semi-active Jedi and not just a Jedi in a rocking-chair. I was also laying the ground work that Master Veren is a high-ranking Jedi Master if he is dealing in business he can’t call Joh-Kel and tell him about.)

Satisfied with their revels, and now past the point of talking about their backgrounds or their past and classified adventures while out in public, the party turned in for the night.

The next day, the summit began and Joh-Kel and Quintis joined the Senator in his box in the summit hall. The scene was a open air ampitheatre of massive, and technologically enhanced, proportions. Though open air, the seating of the attendants and the primary stage were covered by tall roofs supported by stones columns that were chiseled and painted with fine artistry. Tyson and Sebastian stationed themselves outside as extra members of the security perimeter.

These were the talking points at the summit:

  • Nemoidians and Corellians would raise concerns over rising piracy in the trade lanes.
  • Hutts accused by the Bothans of harboring pirate groups and fostering piracy near their borders, which they believe to be cause for the growing piracy in other sectors.
  • Republic military representatives speaks of heightening trade security.
  • Mining Guild – present and concerned over trade security issues.

During the morning session, after a few hours of talks that were boring both Joh-Kel and Quintis, Quintis got a call on his comm link from a Jedi padawan that had been left at the prison. A strike force of unknown affiliation, perhaps space pirates by the iconography on their equipment, had broken in and freed Lassor. The last known direction of the strike force was towards the summit hall (not that far away apparently). Local police systems had been compromised and were being re-routed. It was unclear how long it would take to respond. Quintis ordered the padawan to stay at the prison and aid the wounded, then tapped Joh-Kel on the shoulder and they both left the Senator in the summit hall.

Joh-Kel and Quintis proceeded outside the hall to update Sebastian and Tyson. Near the summit, there was a modestly sized park with meandering paths and some sizable trees. Quintis took his bearing and figured out which way the strike force trying to break out Lassor might be coming from and said he’d head out and scout around. He ordered the party to secure the hall against any kind of freak pirate attack. The party nodded agreement, and Quintis started to sneak off along the edge of the park. Going around behind a tree, a loud blast rang out and Quintis’ limp form came hurtling backwards into view again.

The party spotted the position where a sniper had taken up, and Tyson brought his weapon to bear and fired. Tyson scored a critical hit and took the sniper out in one shot. Sebastian and Joh-Kel scrambled forward to help Quintis.

It was at about this time that a number of black armored shock troopers came into view (picture a cross between Sith Troopers from KotOR and Stormtroopers from the movies), with Lassor in tow. It didn’t take long for a battle to erupt in the park, as the strike force working with Lassor seemed like they wanted to move in or through the park for some reason, and the party of course wanted to recapture the vile traitor. Having taken out the sniper earlier, Tyson scrambled out into the park to join his friends in the battle and get cover from the trees. Over the course of a few rounds, the party worked it’s way across the park and closer to the cover position Lassor had taken up.

As the battle continued with the mysterious troopers in the park, they seemed to slow their advance and take up defensive tactics. It was at this time that the thrum of very large repulsorlift engines filled the air, and an unmarked ship of a design that not even Tyson had seen before, flew above the park into a hover position, before slowly descending. The ship showed no signs of weapons, much less of opening fire, but it seemed clear that it was the escape vessel for the troopers and Lassor. The ship was much bigger than a personal transport, but smaller than a Corellian Corvette. The group had come to the park because it was a large enough open area near the city for the ship to reach ground level.

Another round passed as the mysterious unmarked ship settled closer to the ground. The battle raged on with numerous misses by the inept mystery troopers, when at last another vehicle can be heard, this one with sirens blaring loudly…an Alderaanian police cruiser had arrived. The cruiser apparently was out for vengeance on fallen soldiers at the prison, because it did not hesitate to start laying down a wild spray of blaster fire on the strange troopers now spread throughout the park, as well as a cascading sustained volley on the unmarked ship.

In this chaos that erupted, a tree was quite literally cut down by blaster fire and fell over towards Tyson, who managed to adroitly tumble amidst the falling branches and trunk to sustain a mere a single point of damage. Tyson stood forth from the fallen branches to continue to take the fight to the enemy. The enemy was more than willing to carry on the fight despite the sudden turn in their fortunes. A small number of mysterious troopers had gathered near and beneath their unmarked ship, presumably awaiting a boarding ramp to lower and allow them entry. Unfortunately, while doing this, the police cruiser blew out the strange ship’s repulsorlift engines. The troopers were oddly unperturbed, or ignorant, of the sudden mortal danger and even with their own ship plummeting down in an fiery blaze from just mere meters above, they continued to pour fire relentlessly at Tyson, until they were crushed beneath the crashing hull.

The burning hulk of the starship suffered a series of subsequent explosions in the crash that blasted most of its innards and crew beyond recognition. Many of the troops in the park itself had been crushed by the ship, the falling tree, or blasted, sabered, or sliced to bits by the party. A few troops remained mostly whole, but still dead. Amidst all the fighting, a small contingent of troopers had slipped away, with Officer Lassor, into the streets of Aldera City. They were never found and how they got off-world was never determined. It is presumed they rendezvoused with a back-up ship of some sort.

After the fight, Joh-Kel saw to Quintis who was still alive, but unconscious. Matters wrapped up pretty quickly with the police taking over the investigation of events. Ultimately, it was concluded that the attack was made by pirates and Lassor must be in league with them. The summit ended a few days later in a resolution to work with additional mercenary units to bolster security of galactic trade routes. There was an inherent danger to this of course, bordering on privateer support by the Republic, but the immediacy of a seemingly pirate encounter next to the summit swayed many to ignore the obvious drawbacks.

The party returned with Senator Lohk to Coruscant to await their next assignment.

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Alderaanian Summit

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