Battle Fatigue

Events of the last session are summarized in Adventure 30 – Nar Shaddaa Nights. Following the ruckus on Nar Shaddaa, Mika offered the party lodging and a spot on the payroll, but the party declined because of their obligations and duties to the Republic. Angela Krin also turned down the offer, but stays in contact with Mika regularly as she continues her stalwart pursuit of the mysterious spice lord that is distributing Tempest. Vago the Hutt, Jorda’s trusted assistant in numerous business dealings, has not been seen since Jorda died. Also missing since the same time are Jorda’s three Twi’lek bodyguards.

In the meantime, the various party members report in to their superiors or patrons as appropriate. While their mission is still to put an end to the trade of Tempest spice, they are given leave as the Repubilc needs time to hush up and spin their recent actions in Hutt space. The Republic does not want to be seen as taking sides in the Bothan and Hutt conflict. Kaisan is summoned back to Coruscant on Jedi business and flies there in the Aegis Hammer. Joh-Kel also takes that opportunity to return to the Jedi Temple to visit with Master Veren and look into other matters. He is loaned a starfighter from the pool of fighters that the Republic Navy places at the Jedi Order’s disposal to make the trip. Oon returns to Iridonia to make arrangements to relocate the Evocii off of Nar Shaddaa and is accompanied by Tyson and Kiriana. On their way to Iridonia, they swing through Cathar and drop off Sesta to aid in the local rebuilding efforts. Within a month, Oon and the party reassemble aboard their transport at the lead of a small fleet of smuggler vessels and spend the next month smuggling Evocii off Nar Shaddaa under the radar from the Hutts and flying them to Iridonian space. Mika contacts the party often with work during this time and from time to time a few party members are able to break away from smuggling refugees to manage to complete tasks for the Hutt.

Recent battles between the Republic and Sith fleets have been mostly won by the Sith. The Republic has been gradually retreating in the face of superior tactics and firepower, not to mention Tempest fueled soldiers. The Senate has continued to interfere with military strategy to protect the interests and defense of the primary worlds in their sectors, but now that worlds are being lost on a nearly daily basis and the Sith Empire is pushing ever closer to the Core Worlds the Senate recognizes a need for greater unity. The Senate has finally decided to act on a year old resolution to reopen the office of the Chancellor of the Republic by scheduling elections at last. Pundits are dubious as they observe many Senators forming new alliances. They believe this move is simply an attempt by the representatives to strengthen their ties to the Republic military and have more direct control over protecting their own worlds if the Sith cannot be stopped. The public is weary of the war, losing battles and soldiers, and wants decisive action. Candidates can only be proposed and voted on by the Senators, and while typically the candidates would be Senators themselves, they can be any distinguished Republic citizen of a certain age.

The candidates are:
General Marsinian Telloch, nominated by a cadre of Senators who are powerful influences on the galactic economy, trade, and banking. The general is a Mirialan with a distinguished military career. His platform is that the war is religious/ideological and can be brought to an end by renouncing ties with the Jedi Order.

Senator Targos, self-nominated. Targos is a moderate who also believes that the war is ideological, but proclaims that the Sith are corrupt and inherently evil as evidenced by their practices of slavery, torture, and justice by decree rather than trial. He advocates that the Jedi can be part of the Republic, but grants that they should not be given special privilege and advantage as a funded organization of the government. They should be no different than any other privately organized sect.

Senator Valorum, nominated by a collection of conservative Senators. Valorum’s platform is that the Republic should sue for peace, but the only hope of holding off the Sith is the Jedi, as it has always been. He advocates a greater role for the Jedi in the war in order to force the hand of the Sith to stop their advance and establish new territorial lines and trade.

With two months having passed since Jorda’s death, the party has recently completed the last run of refugees to the Iridonian sector and is gathered together aboard their space transport once again. They recently received clearance from their Republic superiors to resume the mission to end the Tempest spice trade in earnest and are reviewing their extremely scant clues when a holo message arrives…

Battle Fatigue

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