Battleground Iridonia

Episode II
Battleground Iridonia

The galaxy is in chaos as the Sith have returned from a hidden fastness to assault the very core of the Republic. The Jedi Temple still stands, but its heart has been carved out as thousands of Jedi were killed or abducted. Among the missing is the great Master Durron Hoth and among the dead is Grand Master Ralwarr.

Hundreds of Senators under dreadful threat of invading armadas or seeing opportunity to accumulate personal power and wealth in an imperialistic society, signed a proclamation to seced from the Republic and join the Sith Empire . They have fled Coruscant, returning to their home sectors to secure their new alliance.

Amidst the ruins of battle, Oon Kath and her allies prepare to strike back at the encroaching darkness. At the edge of the Republic, Iridonia has fallen under the sway of the Sith and her team prepares to infiltrate the sector to begin an insurrection that will pave the way for a counter offensive. But first, the fallen must be honored…

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Battleground Iridonia

Light vs. Dark Terminsel