Cathar is home world to a species of cat-like humanoids of the same name. It is also the home world of Sesta Ramis, Republic Officer. The cultures on Cathar peacefully coexist, but are not without their differences. The technologically advanced people living in the cities wish to expand trade to their world by opening up more areas to be mined in the mountains and constructing starports. The nomads oppose further loss of natural habitat, particularly for the sake of off world interests.

The members of the party are no strangers to Cathar, having been deployed to the planet early in their careers with the Republic to broker an agreement between the two native cultures to open up more of the planet’s resources to Republic commerce. Though successful in this mission, additional events took place on the world, which remain classified to this day.

More recently, the Sith invaded the world, but for unknown reasons. The planet itself has little strategic or economic value to either side in the war. Within days, members of the party were again deployed to the world on a mission to discover what the Sith were doing and possibly put a stop to it, if necessary. It is unknown if these events have any links to the classified events surrounding the party’s earlier visit to the world.

Within 48 hours of arriving on the planet, the party contacted the Republic fleet to signal that much of the Sith fleet remained in orbit and the time was right to start a counter attack. After an entire day of fighting, mostly in orbit, the planet was liberated from Sith control but with heavy losses on both sides. Again, events on the planet itself remain mysterious and those records are also classified.

In the aftermath, Sesta was granted extended leave to assist in rebuilding of the cities and to train a local militia. After a few months in this role, Sesta left the planet following an attempt on his life by apparent Jedi agents.

Differences from canon:
Though still an M-class planet of oceans and continents, most areas near the equator consist of isolated jungles surrounded by vast swaths of savanna with mountain chains interspersed throughout. The wide tracks of barren land as the result of certain, now extinct, beetles have mostly recovered and are limited to isolated regions of the world, far from the most populous cities. The advanced culture does live in tree cities, although the trees more resemble those of Kashyyyk from Episode III, though much smaller. The nomads live in tent cities on the savannas, but they usually only move once every one or two years.

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