Seat of Republic government in the galaxy and home to the Jedi Temple and High Council of the Jedi Order. Coruscant is very similar to how it appeared in Episode I for this campaign. The biggest geographic/architectural difference is that the Jedi Temple’s central tower is instead a giant Wroshyr tree planted over 2,500 years ago from seeds gifted by the Wookies on Kaashyyyk. This tree is the central subject of a garden of many plant species from around the galaxy that covers the rooftop plaza. This served to tie an external visual theme of life and the Living Force into the Jedi Order’s seat of power, rather than making it as sterile as seen normally.

Notable Locations
Senate Building
Jedi Temple
Crystal Jewel Cantina

Image directly fed from Wookiepedia. See the Coruscant Wookiepedia Page for more general information about Coruscant.

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