Lightsaber Crystals

This page describe the various lightsaber crystals that exist in the campaign. Most Jedi and Sith are not aware of the details of crystal lore, so to even have a chance to know about these crystals requires a Knowledge Galactic Lore check with a DC set by the GM. In addition, all lightsaber quality crystals are restricted because of the volatility of their use by non-Force users who attempt to apply lase fields or beams with catastrophic results. In addition to being restricted, all crystals are generally rare. That said, some crystals are relatively common among Force using orders and sects who will charge members for additional crystals beyond story or class based rewards. Such fees go towards maintaining operations and security around their crystal supplies. Supplies are always limited in quantities which are determined by the GM at any given time. These orders may also limit purchases by individual members out of concern that they are being tempted by power or, in the case of dark side acolytes, that their power is growing too great to manage. Finally, certain crystals are extremely rare or even unique.

Some black markets claim to traffic in lightsaber crystals, although most crystals in these operations are frauds sold to the public as a sort of status souvenir. The false nature of these crystals is readily apparent to most Force users familiar with lightsaber construction if they are allowed to inspect the crystals by touch. Despite these hucksters and counterfeits, occasionally an actual lightsaber crystal can be found in the inventory of a criminal fencing operation. Criminal brokers specializing in rare goods tend to have better potential to be able to supply the real thing.

Common Crystals
The following crystals are typically found in general use among lightsaber using orders and while still rare, they are not unheard of. It takes a DC 15 Knowledge Galactic Lore check to know details about these crystals. These crystals are still costly to secure, however, and therefore the usual rarity ratings still modify their costs. All of these crystals apply the standard +1 bonus to attack when used in a lightsaber that the user has attuned.

Ilum – These crystals are now the standard crystals in use by the Jedi Order, and produce blades of blue or green. Ilum crystals are almost exclusively controlled by the Jedi Order which keeps the planet’s location a secret.

Kyber – These crystals are also in common use by the Jedi Order. They are found on the moon of Jedha and the blades they produce are always green.

Adegan Mephite – These crystals are in common use by the Jedi Order in centuries past. While they now are less common then Ilum crystals, they can still be found in some black markets. The Jedi still have some as well. Blades vary in color.

Synthetic – These crystals are used by practitioners of the dark side, and particularly the Sith. Rather than work with rare, living crystals, they use the Force and a geologic compressor to create their own. This always results in a crystal that produces a red blade.

Less Common Crystals
The following crystals are still in use across the galaxy, but are less well known and less frequently adopted by active Jedi and Sith. These crystals can be found to some degree on black markets, but are by no means common there. It takes a DC 20 Knowledge Galactic Lore check to learn details about these crystals and the details revealed by such checks are generally quite accurate.


Rare Crystals
The following crystals are rare and never see common use. While there is a small chance of finding one of these on a black market or from a trafficker in rare antiquities, they are more commonly found in the course of adventures. It takes a DC 25 Knowledge Galactic Lore check to learn about these crystals, although one can never be sure how many details are based in fact or myth.

Adegan Pontite

Extremely Rare Crystals
The following crystals are extremely rare and are never found for sale by chance. Typically, a Force user would acquire one of these crystals as the culmination of an epic adventure or quest. It takes a DC 30 Knowledge Galactic Lore check to learn about these crystals, although the details are rarely plain and almost always are wrapped in fairy tales and myths.

Barab Ingot
Corusca Gem
Dantari Crystal
Krayt Dragon Pearl

Unique Crystals
These crystals are one of kind and are never found for sale at all. Their very existence is the stuff of legend and how they came to be has been lost to the mists of time. They can only be found as part of the culmination of achieving a Destiny. It takes a DC 35 Knowledge Galactic Lore check to learn about these crystals, and the details are scarcely to be believed until the use of the crystals can be observed first hand.

Ankarres Sphere
Heart of the Guardian
Kaiburr Crystal Shard
Mantle of the Force

Lightsaber Crystals

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