The Coming Darkness

Episode I
The Coming Darkness

The Galactic Republic has flourished for a thousand years of peace and expansion. Guarded by the Order of JEDI KNIGHTS in service of the Galactic Senate, the Republic has never seemed more secure. But stirring in the depths of the galaxy, a forgotten evil plots its return.

Agents of this forgotten enemy have infiltrated many levels of the Republic. Though the enemy remains faceless, those in power can sense subtle erosion of the Republic’s ideals. In a radical move, the Senate has reauthorized the long retired office of Chancellor in hopes of strengthening leadership to counter growing fears.

In a local cantina, a Jedi and a Senator meet privately to discuss these very matters away from compromised security of the Senate tower. Nearby, three young humans seeking adventure are spending a relaxing evening planning futures in pursuit of their dreams, unaware of the destinies marching towards them…

First Adventure: The Crystal Jewel Cantina
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The Coming Darkness

Light vs. Dark Terminsel