Joh-Kel Styken

Devout Lightside Jedi and true enemy of the Sith




Human Male – Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 5
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 16

Heroic Traits

Destiny: Secret
Destiny Points: 4
Force Points: 9 of 12
Force Dice: 2d8, keep highest*
* Strong in the Force makes Force Dice d8 instead of d6


Initiative: +13
Perception: +14; Normal vision, Sense Surroundings


Ref: 27^ (flat-footed: 25)
Fort: 26*; Damage Threshold: 26
Will: 28*^
Immunities: None
SR: None
DR: None
Second Winds: 1; Second Wind HP: 29
Hit Points: 118
* Unstoppable Force adds +5 vs. Force powers
^ Niman Lightsaber Talent adds +1 Reflex Def and +1 Will Def

Force Defenses

Negate Energy
Unstoppable Force

Combat Basics

Speed: 6 squares (9 meters)
Base Attack Bonus: +12
Melee: +14
Ranged: +14


Acrobatics: +13
Climb: +8
Deception: +9
Endurance: +7
Gather Information: +9
Initiative: +13
Jump: +8
Knowledge (Galactic Lore): +13
Knowledge (Others): +8
Mechanics: +8
Perception: +14
Persuasion: +9
Pilot: +8
Ride: +8
Stealth: +8
Survival: +9
Swim: +8
Treat Injury: +9
Use Computer: +8
Use the Force*: +19
* Skill Focus (Use the Force): Adds +5 to Use the Force skill


Silver bladed lightsaber: +16 (2d8 + 12 Energy)
Stun: No; Mods: Improved Accuracy, Waterproof Casing

Rapid Strike Silver bladed lightsaber: +14 (3d8 + 12 Energy)
Stun: No; Mods: Improved Accuracy, Waterproof Casing

Stun baton: +14 (2d6 + 6 Stun)
Stun: Yes

Rapid Strike Stun baton: +12 (3d6 + 6 Stun)
Stun: Yes

Blaster pistol: +10 (3d6 + 6 Energy)
Stun: Yes; Mods: Improved Accuracy; 100 Shots

Stun Grenade: +14 (4d6 + 6 Stun)
Stun: Only

Frag Grenade: +14 (4d6 + 6 Slashing)
Stun: No

Force Powers (Use the Force: +19)

Battle Strike, Force Slam [Telekinetic], Farseeing, Force Light [Light Side], Force Whirlwind [Telekinetic], Mind Trick [Mind-Affecting], Move Object [Telekinetic], Negate Energy, Rebuke (2), Surge, Vital Transfer [Light Side]

Joh-Kel’s Force Power Details

Force Techniques Known

Force Point Recovery, Improved Rebuke

Joh-Kel’s Force Technique Details


Recall, Block, Deflect, Redirect Shot, Niman, Shii-Cho, Equilibrium

Joh-Kel’s Talent Details


Armor Proficiency (light), Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Improved Defenses, Rapid Strike, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Unstoppable Force, Weapon Focus (lightsabers), and Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple), Strong in the Force


31410 credits; 500 credits (on hand)


Aliases: Antares Hailen – Trader from Anoth

Notable Life Events

  • Has come back from the “dead” once.
  • Has statue devoted to his heroics and sacrifices on behalf of the Iridonian people located in the capitol city on Iridonia.
  • Has lost one of his padawan’s.
  • Has resisted the lure of the dark side.
  • Has been infected with Sith Poison and overcome it.
  • Learned the ways of the Force from Master Veren

Age 26

Physical Description

Jedi padawan to Master Veren Kern of Alderaan. Joh-Kel was born to hard working parents who quickly noticed he had special gifts. They took Joh-Kel to Alderaan while he was still fairly young to see if they could find someone who understood his gifts and train Joh-Kel in their use, where they met Jedi Master Veren who tested Joh-Kel and took him as his apprentice. Veren was a retired Jedi Master, with a long and storied career. In addition to the ways of the Force, Master Veren trained Joh-Kel to use the art of diplomacy and bureaucracy to aid people in resolving their issues. Master Veren was called in as a mediator on many occasions to settle disputes between two or more groups. Joh-Kel accompanied him many times to study the methods and tactics used by his Master. He also learned how to use the weapon of a Jedi, the lightsaber. Master Veren instructed Joh-Kel to use his powers to aid the light side of the Force and keep the dark side from corrupting the judgment of the people he was trying to assist. He was always taught that the lightsaber is a last resort when all hope of diffusing a potentially violent situation is lost and only for protection, never for personal gain. Master Veren has instructed Joh-Kel that it is time for him to go out on his own and use his training as the first step on his way to the trials of Knighthood. So it is that Joh-Kel has come to Coruscant seeking quests to fulfill his duties and become a Jedi Knight someday.

Basic, Bothese, Huttese

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Joh-Kel Styken

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