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  • Unstoppable Force

    *Unstoppable Force* Your constant exposure to Force-users has taught you methods of physically resisting their effect on you in battle. *Benefit:* You gain a +5 insight bonus to Fortitude Defense and Will Defense against any attack or effect …

  • Strong in the Force

    *Strong in the Force* You have a particularly strong connection to the Force. *Benefit:* When you spend a Force Point to adjust the result of an attack roll, skill check, or ability check, you roll d8s rather than d6s.

  • Rapid Strike

    *Rapid Strike* You can make two quick strikes with a melee weapon as a single attack. *Benefit:* When using a melee weapon, you may make two strikes as a single attack against a single target. You take a -2 penalty on your attack roll, but you deal …